At the end of February, Sony’s brand-new VR headset PSVR 2 will start.
In addition to the native launch lineup, a title in the virtual reality is also playable, which has actually been available given that March last year.
We are discussing Gran Tourism 7, which will get a matching update on time for the launch of PSVR 2.
Sony had currently revealed this on the CES 2023 last month and considering that mid-January it has actually likewise been clear how extensive the PSVR 2 assistance of GT7 will be.
At that time, Polyphony Digital boss Samundri Yamaguchi had confirmed that all the contents of the title can be experienced in VR, i.e. all paths, courses and modes.
There is one exception: the 2-player split screen mode.
In Gran Tourism Sport, i.e. the predecessor of GT7, VR assistance was still restricted.
Although various content could already be experienced in VR at that time, it was not the whole game.

according to very first impression the almost best illusion

This makes it clear that Gran Tourism 7 becomes more than just a lame graphic demonstration that just emphasizes the technical strengths of PSVR 2.
This impression underlines Ryan McCaffrey.
The IGN reporter was already able to affirm the title and was quite amazed in a preliminary impression.
According to McCaffrey, the impression of sitting in a real automobile is practically perfect, this impression is also supported by the haptic feedback of the video game.
In a video he tells what he still needs to state about his test session:
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Likewise with Danseuse: The IGN journalist also validates for the first time what numerous had wished for and from which we likewise presumed: Gran Tourism 7 does not have to be had fun with the PSVR 2 controllers, instead the title can likewise be made with a typical.
Controllers, i.e. manage a double sensuous, likewise using a guiding wheel is possible.


So it sounds like GT7 could become a VR video game, which must not be missed on Sony’s brand-new hardware.
In any case, we are now even more excited about our very first rounds in GT7 VR.

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  • Test: Out of love for the automobile.
  • Gran Tourism: Development of a single car can take almost an entire year.
  • Gran Tourism 7: All automobiles of the PlayStation racing game in the overview.
    Gran Tourism 7 was released on March 4, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The VR upgrade is not the first spot for the racing game, on the contrary.

Big updates are released nearly monthly, which keep broadening the fleet and the route list.
The release of PSVR 2 is prepared for February 22nd.
Colleague Bast had the ability to try the hardware in detail last year.
You can discover his impressions in his big first impression of PSVR 2, in a separate post we likewise noted all launch titles for PSVR 2.