James Bond is most likely to have a look at what Mazarin desires to let into water.
The Plectrum is a super yacht that has actually not yet been on the world’s oceans.
74 meters long, futuristic styled and geared up with a wing system, which raises the ship over the water surface at greater speed.

The Plectrum starts to fly with superfast 75 knots or 139 km/h.

electrical motors with 15,000 hp

The required power provide 3 15,000 hp electric engines that are supplied with electrical energy by a hydrogen fuel cell.


Luxury yacht: with pool, sun terraces and garage for the dinghy and the Aston Martin.
The wing technique is based upon the so-called hindering inaugurate boats, as they come to the America’s most prestigious of all cruising competitors over the waves.
As a special feature, the bilateral foils can be entered and extended.
In the harbor, this reduces the width of the Plectrum from 20 to a more berth-friendly 15 meters.

landing website for the helicopter

The high-end spoiled customers finds 6 more cabins for the guests on board and a big suite.
The company can be lost on several terraces and in the pool, a car and one of two elegant jetty parked in a rear garage.
And because a helicopter comes from the feudal lifestyle essential, there is a Helios and helicopter spacing.
In the approach: Here, the embraced on-board helicopter techniques.
Mazarin from Rome wants to make it based on whether the PLECTRUM actually runs off the stack or a mere concept remains on whether one-caution-formulated-solvent purchaser is ready to invest appropriately.
He must currently have at least $87 million (the equivalent of practically 81 million euros).
If James Bond and his technical mastermind Q raise their thumb, they would be supplied with the flying hydrogen yacht after two years of building.