Although it is possible to take the test to discover your Hogwarts Magic and Witchcraft House for Potter more (now called Warding World), many players may face questions about which house would like to join Hogwarts Legacy, the new Harry Potter game;
In the game, it is possible to choose from the greedy, huffy, goals, Slytherin and Ravenclaw houses.

As was always highlighted in the franchise, but it is extremely difficult for someone to fit 100% on the characteristics of only one house.
As released so far, we know that there will be a housing distribution ceremony in the game, and the selector hat will make your choice based on our character’s past.
Thus, there will be the option of manipulating the story to fall into the house you want.
However, if you link your Warding World account with your Warner os. profile.
Games, both your home and the wand assigned to you will be imported into the game.
However, to completely answer the doubts, see a complete summary of the following rule:

House Summary

Founded by Gothic Gryffindor, the house is worldwide recognized for housing the franchise protagonists while studying in Hogwarts: Harry, Hermione and Ron.
Les are scholars of a rare type that always put thinking before action.
But they also have a very creative side, they are curious about everything, we recognize a rule for its originality, like Luna Love good.
Regardless of whether you are introverted or outgoing, the word of the ramping is wisdom.
When going to the ruling, you must be motivated by learning and therefore the courses offered in Hogwarts.
Hermione, for example, would make a great ramp up-we know that the selector hat hesitated about the decision.
Many times portrayed as the house of the nerds, a ruling is a welcoming house-to-the elitist airs.
Like Helga Hufflepuff and Rodrick Gryffindor, Rowena was against Salazar Slytherin’s idea of receiving only pure blood students at the Magic School.
The tragic story involving his daughter, Helena Ravenclaw, was responsible for the rise of the ghost.
After Rowena gets sick as a result of a fight with her daughter, she orders the bloody baron to fetch Helena in Albania;
The young woman refused to accompany him to Hogwarts, so that the Baron stabbed her and then killed himself
Helena became the notorious Gray Lady, a ghost of the rule, and never had a real chance to reconcile with her mother.
The Baron, in turn, haunts the Slytherin.
The house is represented by the colors blue and onze, and its representative animal is an eagle.
Related to the air element, the colors of the house were designed to represent both the sky and the feathers of an eagle.

Famous Characters of the Raven

If you prefer to choose your home according to your favorite Harry Potter characters, here are some of them who were already part of the Rick:
Luna Love good;
CHO Chang;
Penelope Clearwater;
Professor Folio Flit wick;
Gilder Lockhart;
Head that moans;
Garrick Olivares;
Mooring Quarrel;
Similar eakaway.
In Hogwarts Legacy, several characters we already know will be from the Rick.
Let’s start with two people who show that among the cardinals, most students are able to invent wonders-how perpetual Fan court, inventor of the landscape, whose portrait can be found in the common room, and Ignacio Wild smith that invented the Flu powder.
It is his bust can be seen at all teleport points in the game.
Our ramping companion is Amit Dhaka.
On the teachers’ side, of course we will see Dinah Heat, the teacher of defense against the Dark Arts.
Hard but friendly, she takes her very serious teaching responsibilities.
After a successful career in the Ministry of Magic, during which she would have spent some time in the Mysteries Department, she retired to become a teacher of Dark Arts in Hogwarts.
Although she is happy to be in Hogwarts, some believe her practical teaching method satisfies her innate desire for action.
This has not yet been confirmed, but we assumed that the Astronomy teacher Amravati Shah will be from the Rick.
She is dedicated to the sciences and tends to belittle her students with winding and pretentious aphorisms.

The Raven room

Situated in one of the castle towers, the room therefore has a large circular form.
To get there, at least in the books, you need to climb a narrow ladder in snail.
Beautiful archery windows, silks and blue ornamental rugs, the beauty of the Raven room lies above all in its ceiling: the dome is painted with a magnificent night sky.
In terms of objects, there are many grasses to study, chess, but above all telescopes for astronomy lovers.

A huge Rowena Ravenclaw statue in white marble is also represented in the game.


Note that the Raven room is the only one of the 4 where you must respond to a riddle to enter it.
We don’t know if this will be the case in the game, but in books this means that anyone intelligent enough can enter the communal room without any danger.