The Japanese company revealed this in the course of a business discussion on the outcomes of the third quarter of 2022, which ended with last December.
Sony likewise indicated that the percentage of regular monthly active users increased by around 30 percent in December.

According to producer Sony, nearly a third of the PlayStation 5 users of the regular monthly active users have actually never used a PlayStation 4 to bet or stream.

PlayStation 5 on the advance

In a different document, of which VGC likewise reports, Sony specified the monthly active users as projected overall variety of the individual accounts that played games in the last month of the quarter or utilized services in the PlayStation Network, although it is mentioned that this number is explained
Based on investigations by the company and can be updated in the future.


According to its maker, the PlayStation 5 continues to ensure that the brand is spreading and winning new consumers.
In addition, said Sony, practically 30 percent of the [monthly active user] of the PS5 users who have actually never utilized a PS4, so that with the spread of the PS5, the acquisition of new users progresses.

It is important to keep in mind that it is only specific accounts, but not forced also specific console purchases.
Alternatively, this means that numerous accounts might have been created by gamers, or the different accounts of private household members come together on a single PlayStation 5.

Best sales district since introduction

At the start of recently, the business remarkably signaled that the long fight versus the console scarcity of PlayStation 5 would have come to an end.
According to an expert, a Pro design of the PS5 is rather not likely.

Sony’s primary message of the discussion should nevertheless have actually been rather unequivocal that the 3rd quarter of the previous year was the most effective chapter in PlayStation 5 if you just look at the sales.
In the duration of 3 months alone, which ended on December 31, 2022, over 7 million systems of the PS5 and hence a total of 32 million consoles were brought.

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