The day number five within the Elements League begins with great clashes that the squads played to continue looking for the first positions of the general table, with battles of the previous days when we saw great struggles to get to first place the situation became interesting for
Each of the teams that participate in the Caribbean Tournament.
The first duel would be between Carissa Esports against Janus Esports that would have a great sample of force from the champion squad with a Cotopaxi that showed a great game with Air to be able to climb positively and with her ability she manages to make good fights for
teams that end in their favor to be able to finalize things on your side leaving the point in your favor.
The second game would be a duel of War Legion against Meets where we see a trade showing his air to punish the opposites and support his teammates on different occasions leaving the favorable things for the owls that get an important advantage in the game used for
Being able to finalize the encounter with a triumph in their favor that gives them the point.

For the third Vandals’ confrontation he fights bandits in a fight that began to tilted for the bandits of the bandits who demonstrated great potential with a target in the hands of KAZ
The game would end up being for the bandit team that take the point.


With these results, things move very little within the competition because the current Carissa champion remains in the first position with his undefeated streak, on the other hand the middle part is dominated by bandits who have only had a defeat in the
Tournament, with these games the first round of the tournament ends, so the teams of the lower part must start worrying.