The Warding World website is a universal place for fans of the Harry Potter franchises and fantastic creatures.
You can find out everything about two media phenomena, learn about plans for the future, as well as play quizzes and puzzles.
With the release of Hogwarts’s Heritage, the attention and attendance of the website became unprecedented, which caused serious problems with the connection.

How to check the status of the Warding World server

You can check the Warding World server on Updownradar, a website created for the Internet community where users can report and check the condition of their favorite web pages.
If you see a surge in reports on the graph, this certainly means that the website is faced with problems for many users around the world.
Another great way to keep abreast of the latest trends is to follow the official news of Warding World.
Twitter pen.
Although the company usually does not solve the problems with the connection and other malfunctions on the website, users comment on recent messages, as shown in the branch above.
If you see a sufficient number of users complaining of a similar problem, it is best to believe that the problem is not eliminated.

How to fix the error of connection to Warding World

As mentioned earlier, the problem that occurs when connecting to Warding World is associated with an increase in the number of players passing from Hogwarts Legacy to connect their Fan Bros account to receive bonus awards for the game.
The connection error should disappear as soon as the number of players is depreciated.
In addition, we can confidently assume that people who control the Warding World website are working on eliminating problems with the server.

What you can do is make sure that your Internet connection works fine.
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