On another raven-black day for Benedict Doll, Johannes Kuhn with his best seasonal races conserved the honor of the German biathletes.
While medal hope Doll was 55th with five shooting errors at the house World Cup in Oberon on Saturday, Kuhn showed a decent look as an 8th in the thick fog.
In the fight for the sprint medals, nevertheless, the hosts had no chance for Denise Herrmann-Wick a day after gold.
The 31-year-old Kuhn from Rat in Winkle needed to go to the charge in front of 14,300 viewers and ended up 1: 04.8 minutes behind the triumphant Norwegian Johannes Thingies BO.
The 29-year-old Beijing Olympic champion just shot one error and, with a 14.8 2nd lead, referred his older brother Tanja BO (0) to 2nd.
In Stella Hold Agreed (1) another Norwegian bronze protected.
It’s the very best sensation, we are the finest family, the finest brothers and the best athletes, said Singer BO.
I haven’t had such a bad day today and I had the ability to divide it as much as some level. If you first leave out the Norwegian team, I offered myself rather well, stated Kuhn, who had not made it into the leading 10 this winter season.
BO stated: Numerous might have won the conditions, so I’m happy that it worked for me.

Strew commemorates strong launching

In the persecution on Sunday (3:30 p.m.) it is the Scandinavians that need to be beaten.

The 4th place from Norway also can be found in Johannes Dale.
The flawless Justus Strew, who became twelfth in the first World Cup race, is the 2nd best German with 1: 14.6 minutes behind the hunt for BO and Co. I shot 2 excellent series and provided everything on the track.
The state of mind was impressive, said Strew after his effective World Cup launching.
Medal prospect and ex-world champ Benedict Doll experienced a more weak day on the Bernstein and made it with 5 penalty rounds and a gap of 2: 47.5 minutes simply to pursue the best 60. The 32-year-old from the Black Forest
Six years with gold in Hochfilzen, the last German World Cup medal up until now in this discipline.

BO expands remarkable series

BO continued his outstanding series in spite of challenging conditions and likewise won the sixth sprint race of the season.
The five-time Olympic champion has already gathered 14 World Cup titles and continues to open his compatriot Ole Dinar Björndalen.
The biathlon icon, which is on site as a television specialist, is still undeniable record champ with 20 World Cup gold medals.
Also, sometimes strong fog, long-term winner BO did not avoid his second gold on the Bernstein.
On Wednesday, Norway’s Mixed relay was already enough for successful title defense.
Hardly anyone doubts that number three will follow in hunting races.
When again the clear favorite in the persecution, BOS is.
Its running shape is outstanding, so that it can compensate for shooting mistakes to a particular extent.

Doll shoots 5 penalty rounds

In the meantime, absolutely nothing fit at Doll.
After the veteran had actually offered all possibilities of a medal at the start with a penalty round in the blended season and had actually just made sixth place, it didn’t go much better 3 days later.
Three charge rounds already in jail shooting and 2 others were a huge frustration for the eldest in the German team, who celebrated the best success of his career in this discipline in 2017.
In Hochfilzen he remarkably won a 0.7 second lead 6 years earlier in front of BO.
It was among an overall of just 3 career successes of Dolls, who has been on the podium as soon as this winter season.
After his weak appearance, Beijing’s Olympic East pulled away without a word and at first offered no interviews.
Roman Sees (2) made it to 198th place, the second World Cup debutant David Nobel (2) took 35th place.
You can discover the race for reading in the ticker and all the results at a glance…