An external SSD with 16 TB storage space for 92.29 euros?
This is merely too lovely to be real and with it fake
Not everybody is aware of that.
There are traders on Amazon who make the most of the ignorance of the prospective clients and in this way pull them over the table.
We’ll tell you which SSD provides on Amazon you need to prevent a wide arc.

16-TB SSD for 92 euros?

Sexy Amazon offer is a phony.
SSDs have ended up being damn low-cost over the last few years.
Internal SATA SSDs and NVMe models in specific are falling in the price, but external variants are even more expensive in direct contrast.
For a 1 TB big external SATA SSD you only need to leaf between 70 and 80 euros (source:
Amazon clients are all the more pleased when they saw a really special SSD deal on the site.
Seller slhanxierduifangke provides a portable SSD in the online store of the shipping giant with 16 TB storage space and USB-C plug for amazing 92.29 euros.
For contrast: The most inexpensive external model with 16 TB storage space that we might find expenses a proud 4,199.00 euros (seeing at Amazon).
The SSD bargain of the ominous Generic brand name is a proud 97.8 percent cheaper-something can be!
After a brief look at the star assessment on Amazon, it becomes clear: it is a brazen rip off.
15 clients have up until now made a judgment, each of them awards 1 of 5 measly stars.
The easy reason: it is a phony SSD.


Instead of 16 TB memory, buyers are only offered for practically 58 GB, and the transmission speed is likewise significantly below the expected transfer rates.
Simply 21 MB/s when reading and 15 MB/s when composing are attained.
Even old-fashioned HDDs press faster information backward and forward than the built-in memory of the phony SSD-this is also reflected in the evaluations of the disappointed purchaser.
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How do SSDs work anyway?
And how do NVMe and SATA models vary from each other?
We explain it to you in the tech truths:
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regardless of huge criticism: Amazon does not take fake-SSD down

There is no doubt: The seller based in China mercilessly gambles its customers-and he is not the only one who pulls the cash out of his pocket.
Further down the alternative proposals there are other deals from a seller called Taianshjianmaoyi LTD, which are also exceptionally badly rated and lure with enormous SSD at little prices.
The offers are still online.
Amazon itself does not appear to be aware of the problem yet-or they merely don’t care.
For the clients of the website, these phony offers are definitely a financial risk.
You would like to know if your SSD likewise holds what it assures?
With these tools you will learn:
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SSD Test Tool-Test SSD thoroughly
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For all Amazon consumers who are also searching for an external SSD, the following uses: if something looks too lovely to be true, it is generally.

It is much better to utilize SSDs of well-known brands and respectable sellers so that you will not be swindled in the end.