When you venture out of Hogwarts, you will discover several hidden areas and riddles full of treasures and improvements.
However, many tasks can be difficult to complete, they may include mathematical equations or the use of several magical spells.
In this guide, we will focus on how to solve the labyrinth of Hogs field hedges in Hogwarts Legacy to discover a fashion cosmetic.


hogwarts legacy hedge Maze tutorial

Those who want to solve the labyrinths should know that these designs are generated randomly, so there is no established path for each puzzle.
To help with these tasks, you can launch the revelation spell to point out the location of the chest, but you will still have to find a way to get there.
It is better to always go to the center of the structure and use the reference point of the maze in the minima pa to have an idea of where it began.
Players will not be able to use their broom or flying mount at this time as a way to increase the challenge of the puzzle.
You can find one of the hedge labyrinths under Lower Hogs field’s house in the southern region of Hogwarts.
screen capture through Avalanche Software
You can also see another at Upper Hogs field near Flew Flame and Giant Purple Toad Den.
screen capture through Avalanche Software
Some players have noticed that these missions sometimes cannot be generated in Hogwarts Legacy;
Possibly due to the season, the time of day or a secondary mission in particular.
That said, you may have to verify later to activate your route point.

If the mission is available, you can start the challenge through the door:
screen capture through Avalanche Software
Once you reach the chest, you will be rewarded with a valuable cosmetic or other resources.
However, it is a good idea to make sure you have enough space for your Gear slots before opening the chest.
That is enough for our guide on how to solve the labyrinth of Hogs field hedges in Hogwarts Legacy.
To get more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on how to resolve the Bridge Fire puzzle.
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