Yesterday a special edition of the Super Bowl was held, a game that brought us some surprises worth mentioning, especially in advances of great films such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Flash.
However, PlayStation raised the expectations of his fans days before, but apparently it was a disappointment that left them perplexed.

The brand in its Canada division promoted the announcement in their networks, affirming fans who should tune the game to see something that was going to relate to God of War Ragnarök.
This suggested that a DLC would be announced, something that in the end did not happen to the misfortune of many.
As what was shown was one more Live from PS5 video, which we can see a kind of news that indicates that Rates and Son must defend the monster stadium.
To this are added more games such as Gran Tourism and Final Fantasy, as if they were acts of real life.
The only positive thing for some players regarding these commercials is that it has been confirmed that Spider-Man 2 is still in development to launch in the console this year.
And also the track of what could be a new uncharted.


But generating expectations for the Super Bowl was not a good idea, I would have given just free to release the video and already, without warning.
Via: Game spot
Editor’s note: Without a doubt, a good way to waste people’s time, hopefully Sony will make a video game event, because it is staying behind compared to Nintendo and Microsoft.