It takes simply under a week for Atomic Heart to open on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles and the PC.
If you want to get an introduction in advance, which trophies there are in the game and how it can be accomplished, you can do so now, because the prize list for Atomic Heart has now appeared online (through


There are an overall of 42 trophies in the PlayStation variations of Atomic Heart, which are divided as follows:
1 platinum trophy
3 gold trophies
8 silver trophies
30 bronze trophies

the trophies of Atomic Heart at an introduction

Listed below you will find the total English list and the German activities in the overview:
Attention spoiler!
The descriptions of the trophies indicate enemy names or private occasions and places in the story.

bronze trophies

  • Triple penetration – killing 3 or more opponents with a single rail gun shot
  • Twelve step programs – Bear yourself with vodka and kill 5 opponents
  • Bull’s Eye – Used Telekinesis to toss a thing on an owl
  • Assimilation Treatment Disrupted – Lass a sprout does not end up being a mutant
  • Listed below no – Frieze a Nova in the air
  • Hothead \ article 25 head strikes with the Makarios handgun
  • Avatar – killing 10 burning, 10 electrified and 10 frozen opponents frozen
  • Scanner – Scanned all mobs
  • Explorer find a test area
  • How Can I Assist You?
    \ Usage a phone cubicle in Chelsea
  • Left hand Mastery \ desert totally on a skill tree
  • The Terrific Inventor \ Rest a weapon on the maximum
  • Apple Pie – SAMLE All apples in Limbo
  • Chemist \ workplace Consumption items of all species
  • Weapon Master – Five Dance Types
  • Artisan – Swerve a weapon in a crafting maker
  • Communism 2.0 – Come behind the trick of AOC
  • Freedom reflex – Under Pavlov
  • Medical examination – Lee for a healthcare facility
  • Curtain – Claire a theater efficiency
  • Quite to Achievement – Bauer the VDNH complex
  • Tickets, please!
    – Take a train at the Essay Male station
  • Pistils and endurance \ refugees from Pavlov
  • Pleased polymerization Day!
    \ Fly from Chelsey
  • DEW Point – Tote Dewdrop
  • Show’s over – Tote Natascha
  • Plush Rush – Tote Plush
  • Make it go round – eliminating hedge
  • Medium unusual – Tote Brash

silver trophies

  • More than revenue – Fine all lootyagins
  • The Necromancer – Sp rich with all the dead
  • Monster Buddy – Fine all dead animals
  • Polymerization – Sample 100 Jelly
  • Lord of War – SAMLE All weapons
  • Chop – Tote Brash with a melee weapon
  • Murders Beauty – Tote twins
  • Strike – eliminate hedge, without firing a shot

gold trophies

  • Clean-up – Claimed all test areas
  • Burning Ears – Fine all chipper
  • Atomic Heart – Claire the video game in hardcore mode


  • The motherland does not forget its heroes – change all trophies complimentary
    There are numerous quite normal trophies, such as collecting certain objects or leveling weapons.
    There are also a few unusual jobs to sack platinum.
    Or do you believe of a various video game in which you need to get intoxicated with vodka?
    What about Xbox achievements?
    The list of Xbox successes has not yet been published, however it can be assumed that they are the very same as in the PlayStation versions.

more about Atomic Heart on

  • Atomic Heart played: We are so relieved, however 2 great doubts remain
  • Download size and preload on Xbox-ALLE info about the start
  • Playing time: You can anticipate an actually long story shooter
    Atomic Heart is an ego shooter with RPG and experience elements that plays in an alternative universe throughout the Zenith of the Soviet Union.
    The scenario blends the end time and retro futurism with the design of the USSR.
    We slip into the function of a special agent who is sent out to a strictly secret object of the federal government.
    In addition to traditional shooter gameplay, the title also counts on bioshock-like abilities and an open video game world.