Once there, right to the right of you there will be a small chest and a bag that you must assemble, as well as other enemies you need to fight.
In this area, you will again notice several branching paths.
There will be another cart right in front of you, and then the room to the right of you, where there is another boiler that needs to be lit.
You can take a cart to get to the second chest for collecting, but to continue the story, head to the boiler and light it.
This will open another elevator for you.
Interact with the handle to start climbing.

As soon as you get out of the elevator, you will immediately see a video with a moo, showing that he is actually there.
It will be briefly, and then you will have to start a big battle at the mine.
There will be another troll, archer and several more goblins.
The best way to easily defeat them, if you have, is to use the Imperil on the troll while you are trying to focus on the victory over the goblins.
Then, when you only have a troll, you can make him collide with some pillars around, evading his attacks.
This will help your quest, but will also cause him some damage.
As soon as all enemies are defeated, you will be invited to destroy the pillars to destroy the drill.
Some of them may have already been destroyed during your battle.
You can use Revelry to highlight all their locations in blue.
Then use spells to break them.
It can be anything from Covering to Bombard and the like.
When all the pillars are destroyed, this activates another cut-scene.
You will encounter a ram and a Redwood, as well as, finally, you will find a boat.
You will find that Look refers to Rings as a younger brother.
However, the rest will be upset by the fact that Look hid the information from him, and ultimately kill him.
Your character avoids interaction, jumping onto the cart.
After the video, jump from the cart and open the metal gate in front of you.
This will bring you back to the entrance.
Hold on the left corridor, and you will find a way out.

How to get all chests with collections in the coastal mine in Hogwarts Legacy

There are two chests with collections in the mine, and do not worry if you have not received them for the first time.
You can return at any time to collect them, even if you have already completed the quest here.
Usually they are in more complex places, so here is a step-by-step instruction on how to collect them:

chest with collections#1 Location in the coastal mine

As soon as you encounter the first railway platform and get to the place with the second closed boiler to the right of you and the second rail of the platform to the left of you, go straight up the steps and to the room similar to the warehouse.
Right to the right of the fireplace, in the back of the room, there will be a staircase leading up.
Climb the steps, and you will see a stone wall that you need to climb, holding the A/X.


You will need to climb several of them until you reach a closed room with a lattice on the ground.
You can use action to raise the lattice and find a staircase under it.
Go down the stairs, and you will fall into the secret area with a chest with collections, as well as with several other chests that can be obtained.
There will also be a label back to the main room when you continue.

chest with collections#2 Location in the coastal mine

The second collection chest is slightly less hidden.
To get to it, you need to sit on the second cart hit.
Your character will make a statement that he is interested in what this will lead to.
As soon as you take a cart, you will fall into a small room.
There is a round locked door here, and next to it is a lever that you can pull.
This lever needs nutrition, which, if you lit all the boilers you have come across earlier, I hope it should already be ready.
Use action to pull it, and he must open the door and allow you to press the h/square to open it.
Inside you will find a chest with collections.
Then you can return and take the cart back to the main zone to continue the path through the mine.
Although there are not many puzzles that need to be solved, there are many trolls and enemies that compensate for this.
Prepare, organizing your spells correctly and making sure that you have enough potions.
Do not miss all this good prey!
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