Players can complete several duel feats when they find opponents during their adventure at Hogwarts Legacy.
Some combat challenges are quite simple and can be completed when you face any enemy, but others are specific and should be done in certain types of enemies.
If you want to know how to explode a loyal sentry with bombard while they load their magic in Hogwarts Legacy has come to the right place.

How to complete the explosion of a loyal sentry

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To complete this mourning feat, you must first find a loyal sentinel among a group of Rank followers.
Be careful not to kill them accidentally before making the challenge.
It would be better if you eliminate any other Goblin first, so you can focus your attention on your goal.
A loyal sentry can use the power of ancient corrupt magic and has two main movements.
In general, they will shoot a rapid magical attack that you can block using a protocol spell, but they can also launch a benefit to nearby elves.
When a sentinel loyal loads its magic, lift and stir their hands in the air for several seconds.
You can interrupt this movement and achieve the mourning feat or throwing bombarded that you can unlock after completing the task of Professor Ho win.
That is the end of our guide on how to explode a loyal sentry with bombard while they load their magic in Hogwarts Legacy.
has many more articles that can help you complete other duel feats or challenges distributed throughout the game, so be sure to consult them below.
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