Continuing with the action of the Elements League where the domain of the current champion is maintained but where we have seen flashes of several squads that demonstrate a great quality of play to be able to show later during the fighting that are coming for the last days of the part
regular that they seek to give the classification to the teams within the competition.

Starting with Meets’s duel against Janus eSports that takes an interesting turn with a lion, taking out a Rye in the hands of Shield worm that worked in a very good way to take an important advantage in the middle part that generates an important pressure during the
Equipment battles due to the damage caused by the Runic Magician to be able to achieve victory.
The second game placed Carissa against Bandits looking from the bandits the possibility of taking the undefeated to the current champions, but it would be Cotopaxi to show a Trista in the middle part with which he manages to punish the rivals several times to demonstrate his power
that puts them ahead of the confrontation to settle and take the point of triumph.


During the third meeting we have War Legion facing Vandals seeking to know which team is the one at the bottom of the table, the WE team shows an interesting potential within the meeting with an Alkali of Quarry that becomes the most lethal ninja of the most lethal
Caribbean with great murder potential of which he abused to settle the meeting in his favor.
With these results it closes another week of the Caribbean League with a Carissa that still does not know the defeat and that remains in the first position of the table, things in the tournament are becoming more intense because the regular phase
It is reduced in terms of quantity of dates that remain but at the moment the champion seeks to repeat the title demonstrating his great power.