From the beginning of Scars Above, the goal is to find out what happened to the ship and the crew.
However, once the ship is located, the players will have a small puzzle to discover how to enter the room where Mike is.
Here is the code for the door of Hermes in Scars Above.

Code for Hermes Puerto in Scars Above

You do not need to save the ship (although it is a small area) to use the door code and progress in history in Scars Above.
If you want to omit all that, you can write the code whenever you want.
It is 062010 in front of the door of the room that you first built Vera.
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You will find it on the back of a photograph of Kate and Tamara, but you don’t need to find it to use the code.
Once the part of the story about Hermes has been completed, he will not be able to go back for a long time, so he only entered the code if he is sure to have collected all the XP on the way to get here.
Undoubtedly, it is also recommended that you continue to explore Hermes, since you will find an access card that will take it to an update for the electric cutter gun that is required for a trophy / achievement.


Apart from this, there are only a few notes and voice records to find some gaps in history.
Continue in the story from here will eventually lead you face to face with the Chief of Construct.
This is all you need to know what code to enter the door of Hermes in Scars Above.
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