Into The Deep is the very first mission in Phone call of Task: War zone DMZ for the Legion Rate 2. Fairy intrigue, for this goal, you need to see the island of Asia and Asmara to obtain a specific number of robots murders throughout swimming and underwater.

Just how to go through the objective in the depths in the demilitarized area

  • Kill 8 opponents, floating on the island of Asia
  • Kill 4 adversaries underwater in Asmara

Exactly how to eliminate adversaries while swimming on the island of Asia.

The initial component of the job is rather simple as well as it is extremely simple to execute.
The island of Asia is not only bordered by water, but likewise has an underground water canal called waterways.

Simply jump right into the water from where you can see numerous Darkness Firm soldiers, and also shoot at eight of them from your tools.
Your objective will not be so steady throughout swimming, but you can quickly finish the task.
Several of the areas that you can check out for this mission: the city facility, a beach kmokendar.

exactly how to kill opponents underwater in Asmara.

For the 2nd assignment in the Into the Deep goal, you require to dedicate murders by totally submersed underwater on the Al March map.
This component is a little complicated, since average tools do not work underwater, except handguns.
Do not neglect to take a respectable weapon with you, for example X12 or X13 AutoCAD is one of your kinds of tools.
Currently go to the area with a respectable visibility of crawlers as well as superficial water, as an example, LARVA Hydroelectric Power, Marisa Save town.
Swim externally of the water and also attempt to discover the nearby bots or draw them to yourself, contending random.
As quickly as the AI soldier is close enough, the ping of his danger so that he continues to be assigned for a minute.
Dive right into the water to be completely underwater, and shoot at it from a gun.


It can be a little tough as a result of the deviation of the bullet, however ultimately you will kill him for a number of attempts.
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