Blowing balloons is oddly adequate, and Hogwarts Legacy allows you to do this flying with magic mops via Scottish skies.


The task generates some incentives and aids to complete the wizard’s field guide.
See where to discover all the balloons to ruptured.

What to do with the balloons?

As you absolutely understood, it is essential to blow up the balloons by hitting them with the oom.
Yet does not stop there.
There are one team of balloons each time as well as you have to rupture them all to progress in the corresponding difficulty.
There is no certain order, simply remove everybody prior to changing location.


You will certainly win 50 XP, which is always good.
However, above all, the progression in the line committed to the field overview becomes fascinating. Discoloration balloon sets will unlock and-new looks for the mop, which is required for the enthusiast prize.
It is likewise excellent to have more cosmetic alternatives.

Location of balloons on the map

They are easy to detect when flying.
Making use of the reverse will show them in blue on the screen.
With the talent of variety boost, you should not have many issues to find all 5 in each area.
We advise you to get the habit of eaking the balloons you find, is less laborious than reversing when getting in touch with maps.
There are 32 teams of balloons in overall, 4 even more pertaining to teacher Koala’s jobs (which are not noted on this map, as they are shown by the mission guideline).
Inspect out the area of all balloons to eak in Hogwarts Heritage.
Each red dot matches to the overall position of a group of balloons.