Surviving a Soviet Union of alternative history that is being overwhelmed by a robot lift was never an easy task, but the P-13 agent somehow makes it easy to seem.
Even so, while you defend yourself from a multitude of technologically advanced machines, it is possible that you have learned of a common rumor that has been circulating, namely: Does Atomic Heart really have a 6-hour scene?
Well, you are in the right place, since we will explain the situation below.
Let us begin.

Is there a 6-hour scene in Atomic Heart?

We will not walk through the branches: no, there is definitely not a 6-hour scene in Atomic Heart. This rumor is just that: a rumor.


But where did this rumor really originate from?
See, IGN published an article that claimed that the developer behind the game, Sunfish, had told them that there would be a six-hour scene that would involve agent P-13 and the robot dancers with a lot… Let’s say NSFW action.
Since then, IGN eliminated the publication quite disconcerting, and rumors have simply circulated and have leaked since then.
Of course, Sunfish’s original message within the publication of IGN was probably a joke, but although the original article contained in the joke was eliminated, the fun rumor persists.
Ultimately, it was just a joke that has remained more than the account.

So what do you know?: That is all you need to know about whether Atomic Heart has a 6-hour scene.
To get more information, here is our version of Atomic Heart’s wobble dialogue.
And as always, be sure to keep it blocked in to get more advice, guides and explanations.
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