The British Curlerinners have given the United Kingdom on the end of the Olympic Games in Beijing the first gold medal. The team around Skip Eve Muirhead was surprisingly clear in the final with 10: 3 against Japan. After victory in Salt Lake City 2002, it is for the United Kingdom of the second Olympic Triumph in Women’s Curling.

The British had taken care of in the semifinals against Pyeongchang Olympic champion Sweden for a great surprise. Japan also succeeded against the favorite Switzerland’s unexpected entry into the final. In the game for gold Great Britain, which was represented exclusively by Schippen, a strong seventh end (4: 0) the way to the title. Bronze went to the Sweden.

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In the men, Britain had just missed the first Olympic victory on Saturday since 1924. The team around Skip Bruce Mouat underlay World Champion Sweden with 4: 5 to Extra End. Thus, the Curler and Curler made for the only British medals in Beijing. Record Olympic Champion Canada bronze bronze against the USA. A German team was not there in China.