Sammer appeals to the fairness of Bayern followers when they return from Lewandowski to Munich. Lewandowski composed as well as did a remarkable thing background at FC Bayern. According to Sammer, this have to be the emphasis.

Lewandowski did an extraordinary thing and created background at FC Bayern. According to Sammer, this must be the emphasis.

He sees his ex-club FC Bayern as a leading favorite on the title in the premier class. Regardless of the successes, the group is not full, yet motivated, Sammer applauded the Munich

The group of trainer Julian Nagelsmann has fun with rate as well as ambition. With all the competition, he locates top quality and beauty acknowledgment.

The team phase of the Champions League begins next Tuesday. For FC Bayern, the team stage also indicates a reunion with demonstrator Robert Lewandowski, that had actually left Munich in the direction of FC Barcelona in summer season.

At FC Bayern, in spite of a tough team with FC Barcelona as well as Inter Milan, he is no stressed. BVB specialist Sammer likewise remains to have so much self-confidence that they remain to make it through the team phase.

Sammer in worry for Lewandowski return to Munich.

At, FC Bayern, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund and also Bayer Leverkusen, he was quite certain, claimed Sammer at a consultation of Prime Video in Munich.

Ex-European champion Matthias Sammer even does not intend to exclude a march of the five German teams in the round of 16 of the Champions League.

Sammer appeals to the justness of Bayern fans when they return from Lewandowski to Munich. I expect to be familiar with respect. He should have that, said the BVB consultant. Lewandowski plays on the 2nd team video game day of the Champions League (13.9.) With his brand-new club FC Barcelona at the German record champs.

The reality that Lewandowski meets his ex-club in the premier class of all locations is great, claimed Sammer-Genauso like the duel of Borussia Dortmund versus Manchester City with Erling Haaland. The BVB is looking forward to looking back. Football heart, what even more do you desire. As well as we are ideal in the middle of it.

At the Europa League champion Eintracht Frankfurt, he wishes that you can do it. It is a heavy team. If you take this ecstasy and excitement with you, a surprise is feasible.

He sees his ex-club FC Bayern as a top fave on the title in the premier class. The record champs convey this cravings, this greed. In spite of the successes, the team is not full, however inspired, Sammer applauded the Munich