The uncharted filming with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg comes to the cinema today. The PlayStation blockbuster, however, did not have the best start – critics show out of the film anything but excited.

After the project had to be replaced for years in the development degrees and several times director and leading actors several times, the uncharted film adaptation finally appears this week, on 17 February **. The first international reviews are now online, but the evaluation mirror on rotten tomatoes makes no good guessing for the project with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

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Uncharted on Rotten Tomatoes: Critics Tearing Filming

The filming of the PlayStation blockbuster franchises Uncharted has after the first reviews on Rotten Tomatoes an uninspiring rating of just 53 percent – and thus moves in the same region as last year’s Marvel Flop The Eternals. While some critics certify the film entertainment value, many other problems that had already been feared in advance.

Uncharted gets a mediocre rating from most critics with 2 to 4 out of 5 points and leaves above all in terms of characters and structure to be desired, while some scenes as copied better films. (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

  • “Uncharted delivers a stale execution of an exciting video game franchise.” ( Jeff Nelson, ShowBiz Cheat Sheet )
  • “The characterization will probably be more nervous here as a hardcore fans of the game.” ( Helen O’Hara, Time Out )
  • “Uncharted has no special character and recycled scenes that we have already seen in better films of the same genre.” ( Ian Sandwell, Digital Spy )
  • “Let you drive you, drive all hope. There is really no future for video game films when Hollywood does not even create uncharted. “( Clarisse Loughrey, Independent )

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Playstation blockbuster can not break video game curse

After the first reviews and the disappointing Rotten-Tomatoes rating, it can be assumed that Uncharted no outstanding video game filming is , but rows into the riograph of expensive gaming flops. For many, however, this will not be too much surprise, because the casting of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Sully had taken care of in advance for abundant criticism – and the first trailer had already announced the weaknesses of the film loudly. (Source: Game Tips)

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The filming of Uncharted is namely occupied with Tom Holland and Mark Schlabenberg – but the first international presses are shown by the action adventure anything but enthusiastic and lists several serious weaknesses.