If you are a master of Yuhio, then you know the various games that you can play to check your skills with players around the world. Two such games happen Yigia Master Duel as well as yugioh duel links . Master Duel came out after Duel Links, and therefore there are many differences that make the players gravitate to one, and not to the other. Both games are free and available on most of the same platforms, so what’s the difference and which game is better?

Yigia Master Duel

Most fans will agree that this game is a literal digital version of your favorite card game. Given this, many tournament players use it for training, since you can play it on mobile devices. The game also has a large library of cards, each of which is suitable for playing in tournaments and for creating training decks. However, in Yugioh Duel Links there are not many other modes for fans.

Yugioh Duel Links

Duel Links has almost all available cards, and it allows you to configure the rules and optimize speed, allowing players to play with a limited pool of cards. This format has become so popular among fans that Konami decided to create a physical format of a game called high-speed duel . Differences in formats make this game more popular among players who love diversity in their matches.

Despite the fact that Duel Links went to Master Duel, Konami does not plan to stop supporting the game to provide longevity among the digital base of the players.


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