Tower of Fantasy has a number of materials that players find during their journey, and some of them are used to improve weapons. While some of these materials is easy to find, others are difficult to find. Four main elemental ores include Firecore, Icecore, Rockcore and Magcore. The heart of lightning is a more rare version of Maghore, and there are several ways to find this material. Here’s how to get a lightning heart at Tower of Fantasy.

How to get a lightning heart at Tower of Fantasy

The heart of lightning A rare ore with the power of the volt element. These are the highest variants of the magic, and you can get the heart of lightning by collecting elementary ores . In the same way, you can Fuse four magicors to get a lightning heart. Check your backpack to connect four magicors to get a lightning heart. These rare ores have a higher cleanliness of the volt element and are used to strengthen weapons such as Volt.

You can also find the heart of lightning by defeating certain enemies, such as student of the guards of the treasures of Esslessor . Players will find this enemy on northern ring ridges in Astra. Visit a place marked with a white circle on the image above to defeat this enemy and get a lightning heart. Players can also purchase Heart of Lightning in a weapon store for two black gold. Although you will need to increase the level of the wanderer to 35 to unlock the heart of lightning in the weapon store.

Weapons, such as thunder blades, thunder halberd, double electromagnetic stars and others, requires magicians to improve to higher levels. While magcore is easy to find, Hearts of Lightning can be difficult to assemble. We recommend stocking Magcores before converting the lot in Hearts of Lightning. You can also effectively process this material by destroying enemies, such as a student of the guards of the treasures of Esslessor, and collecting more elemental ore.

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