With the great special that will bring together The law and order, Special Victims Unit andorganized in a single event, many fans have begun to relive a conversation that we have heard for years, since many wonders if Olivia Benson, played by Marisa Habitat, and Elliot Stabler, by Christopher Melon, will be a couple in the future.

During an interview for Today, Rick EID, Law & Order Showrunner, Julie Martin, Executive Producer and main writer of SVP, David Grain * This was what Graciano said about it:

That is something that we heated here every day, and some considerations about Benson and Stabler have nothing to do with the narrative, and it is only the logistics of the busy schedules of these two actors (Habitat and Melon). You have to think for a second in the ‘OC’: Chris Melon is in each scene of that program, and they simply cannot lend it in the same way that we can give Marisa for a day or two. Even when we deliver it there for a day or two, we feel climbing without it.

On her part, Martin added:


Everyone knows the narration of whether they will; We like to keep that question as long as possible. So, responding, anyway, is like killing that anticipation. So I think our work: what they talked at the end of last season is something that certainly filters in both’s minds, in Benson’s mind and Rollins’s mind, and when she really acts on that… she will be in the first episode.

Similarly, Graciano concluded this conversation by pointing out:

I think one of the fans wrote to me about this, and I said something in the sense that I believe that true love prevails at the end. I am a firm believer in which true love prevails dramatically, if not in real life. But before you can have a healthy relationship like that, if you have some monsters under your bed, you must first kill them. Otherwise, they will follow you in that relationship.

With the great event of the law and the order planned for September 22, We will soon have more information about the future of these characters. In related issues, here you can see the trailer of this crossover. Similarly, the law and order will have an episode inspired by the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Way: Today