Neo wiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, BAE Tae-hyun) announced on the 12th that it will hold a Halloween event by the mobile 3-match puzzle RPG ‘Brownout & Puzzle’.

First, you can enjoy ‘Earth Halloween Island’ on the EVE (Player VS Environment) content ‘The Island of Heaven’ until November 1 to commemorate the Halloween season. When you win the battle in the content, you will receive a Halloween event box to receive goods that help to grow heroes.

In the same period, there will also be an attendance event that can receive various rewards. Depending on the cumulative date of the game, we offer high-quality items such as ‘5-star hero random rights’, ‘4-star hero options’ and ‘special contract’. In particular, three Halloween commemorative costumes of five-star hero ‘Christina’, ‘Rifles’ and 3-star ‘Beatrice’ will be presented.

The ranking system has also been introduced in the Player VS Player (PVP) content. The total combat power of all guild members and the scores of Guild Wars and guilds were added to a certain percentage, and then the ‘diamond’ could be obtained according to the daily ranking. In addition, it has been changed so that all guild members can participate in the guild.

In addition, other guild members in the guild content are in progress, and the notifications have been shown, and the automatic organization of heroes that fit the conditions in airship exploration contents has been introduced. In addition, the limit of breakthroughs of 3-5 star heroes has also been raised.

For more information on the Brown Dust and Puzzle Halloween Day events and system improvement, you can find it in the official café.