In the next update of WoW: Dragon Flight (Patch 10.0.7), our heroes return to the Rather.
The history of the dragon islands is further spun here and some brand-new endgame content is offered.
At the Test realm for Spot 10.0.7, we can already go to the brand-new (for caller old) island with our dragon riding mount.
Missions or genuine drops have not yet been carried out in this early phase of the Test realm, but a take a look at the map already reveals us a great deal of brand-new rare mobs, and we discover new dragon glyphs.
There are a total of 8 brand-new dragon lenses, which we can put in a new ability called Aerial in the dragon riding tree.
The ability enables us to stop at full speed and float something.
We still can not stop in the air as with the old/normal flight mounts, but lose interest and gradually slide to the ground.

The forbidden island in Patch 10.0.7 WoW Patch 10.0.7: First take a look at the prohibited island loot, rares & more (2) Source:

The map of the forbidden island is understood to all callers, because nothing changes optically on the zone.
When we take a look at the map, we see 9 drawings for new rare mobs on the PTR.
The NPCs themselves can not yet be found in the significant locations.
Apparently the mobs on the forbidden island will periodically drop things with item level 385, which you can send to your twinks.

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WOW Patch 10.0.7: First look at the prohibited island loot, rares & more (3) Source:
Comparable to WoW (purchase now), some mobs drop arms-related tokens.


In places, extremely uncommon mobs appear on the map that are marked with a big, fiery skull.
In addition, there will also be unique small events such as defend/conquer a box that will reward you with a treasure.
WOW, Patch 10.0.7: First take a look at the prohibited island loot, Rares & more (4) Source:
Your adventure begins on the small island in the west of the prohibited island.
There you will be welcomed by a little exploration group who grants you secrets to Keras Vault.
In this little circumstance you have to defeat different mobs (no difficult task) and can then loot the new primitive stones from the chests behind the mobs.
These are unique impressive gemstones with strong effects that can only be placed in primitive devices.
In our article WOW Patch 10.0.7: The first bound-power function?
These are prehistoric stones.
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