If you have ever read or have seen any of the series, then you know that Harry Potter’s famous school environment is full of intriguing areas to explore.
In the last Advance Pieces of software game, that statement sounds even more true, since there are many secrets saved to discover them.
To get to them, you will need to know how to open locks at Hogwarts Legacy.
Here is everything you need to know.

Unlock the Alhambra spell

As you progress naturally in Hogwarts Legacy, you will attend classes, and you will know new characters that will show you useful spells.
Very soon, one of those characters that you will know is the school gardener, Glad win Moon.
When you know him for the first time, he will tell you that he is afraid of the statues of the Dario moon that are found in all Hogwarts.
Then, Moon asks you to collect them all, even show you the Alhambra spell, so you can open any door and lock that can prevent you from finding them all.
It is important to keep in mind that you must return to Moon to access new areas through updates of your Alhambra spell.
This can only be done after you have collected the demise statues and have returned them.

How to complete the Lock pick Mitigate at Hogwarts Legacy

When it comes to using the Alhambra spell to force locks once they have been launched, you will actually get involved in a mini-game that requires that you place your two directional levers in the right direction to align the gears you are testing.
To pick up.
Everything that must take into account with each of these gears is a small contraction that occurs when the command lever rotates.
When you see it, you will know that this is the right direction in which your lock should turn, so you will only have to return to it after passing it for the first time.
Do this for both red and green, and you should progress.
That should be everything you need to know how to open locks in Hogwarts Legacy.
If you are still looking for more tips and information about the game, we have many other great things, even if it should be a witch or a magician.