In Torches 17 of our Advent calendar, the definitive upgrade for each gaming PC and supported consoles: two Samsung 980 per NVMe ™ M.2 SSDs in the 1 TB variant! You have the chance to win one today!

Who has long loading times, sets NVMe ™ SSDs? The Samsung SSD 980 Pro is a slim powerhouse and brings thanks to reading and writing speeds of up to 7,000 MB / s or 5,100 MB / s of your computers in full swing when you arrive at the highest possible performance.

Samsung 980 PRO Review - Samsung's First PCIe Gen4 SSD
Thus, the internal memory expansion user supports especially with professional image and video editing on the PC — or in gaming. For players, there is also the ability to upgrade compatible consoles with massive storage space (up to 2 TB). With just a few steps, the SSD is installed, games can be loaded faster and users benefit from liquid gameplay.

High performance for your PC

The Samsung 980 Pro NVMe ™ M.2 SSD relies on PCIe 4.0 and thus brings significantly more power to the road. Compared with the predecessor generation PCIE 3.0, the 4.0er version works twice as fast. A SATA SSD exceeds the Samsung 980 Pro with up to 12.7 times higher speed. The nonplus ultra for demanding gamers so who love their games for the charging screen.

Current price of the product: €204,89

Learn more? Here it goes directly to the 2 TB variant at Samsung!

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