A recent update to the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft has introduced a new way for players to recruit friends who may have never played video games before.

With WoW: Dragon Flight, a lot of players are reversed to Zeroth.
A few of them only had a few months off, others, on the other hand, suspended the entire Shadow lands extension.
In addition, like numerous extensions, Dragon Flight brought in some new gamers who have up until now refused to amaze WoW.
Both a few returns and new gamers made usage of the Ad a buddy program.
Active players can advertise new (or returning) gamers and receive some rewards.
This was out of the question for many returnees because they were not out of the game long enough.

promotes a buddy of more fascinating for returnees

The developers have now adapted the requirements to benefit more from the program so that more of the players who have left Shadow lands or left it early.
Up until now, only gamers who had not had an active subscription or playing time for at least two years could be advertised – As entirely out of the video game.
The developers have now halved this duration.
In the future, all players can be advertised whose WoW membership was non-active for a minimum of one year.


So if you have already left Shadow lands, you will now get approved for the markets a friend program.
Do you likewise understand numerous gamers who have currently returned to WoW (now): Dragon Flight has already returned or are thinking about coming back to Zeroth?
Or do you find it a little unfavorable to make this modification just now after probably lots of players who have now benefited have already returned?
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Philipp Settler