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Its pleasant to be cruel, release of the Atomic Heart battle -oriented play video

At the time of its first release, a new trailer of Atomic Heart, which received a lot of attention with the atmosphere and story of the bio shock and the fallout, was released.

Russian developer Budfish unveiled a new trailer at Atomic Heart at Gamescom on the 26th. Atomic Heart is a game set against the backdrop of a virtual history that the Soviet Union has won Germany alone in World War II. The Soviet Union, who has lost a large population, created various robots to replace it, but when these robots rebelled and hunted humans, the KGB special agent, the protagonist, came out to solve it. It has released new news and videos in six months since February.


In this video, the gameplay is full of contents related to battle. You can check the various combat methods, such as firing water by using a polymer glove that allows you to use various psychic powers, electric electric shocks with electricity, or frozen enemies and cut them with a knife. Various enemies have been released, including a huge enemy who rolls up and rushes in a round, a humanoid robot that rushes like a zombie, a powerful laser from his mouth, and a robot that blocks humans in half. Players must make more than 30 weapons and deal with them.

Atomic Heart will be released at the end of this year as PCs (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is undecided whether it is supported by domestic official launch and Korean language.

Saints Row teaches his personalization system, which is an authentic hick that we love

Saints Row returns as the return of one of the most beloved SANDBOX SAGAS. They have always wanted to be the discordant note and, with their fresh style and a lot of humor, they differed from other games of the genre. Volition ** You have always searched to smile who is at the control and that is what they want to do with their reboot. We left from scratch, with new characters, but with many, many options.

We have been able to see it in the special video in which the study has shown the Saints Row customization system . Undoubtedly, it will be one of the most striking points of the game for the infinity of possibilities it offers, as we have seen at the event led by Mica Burton and that it has been possible to continue for the twitch and YouTube channels of Deep Silver **, the editor of the title.

Suggestions to Help Fix (Save) Saints Row 2022
In the presentation we have been able to make an idea that will be the concept of the game, cataloging this variety of options in a very particular way, urging us to “Be your own boss in Saints Row” , letting over the thousands of possibilities of Personalization that we will have to take advantage of Santo Isole, the fictitious city inspired by the Southwest American where this adventure will be developed.

The first thing, of course, it will be to choose the character that we want to represent us. There will be many options available to change. Everything that is happening to you, you can do it. From hairstyle, face, tattoos, scars, makeup, dentures, type of skin or color, polka dots or different sexual attributes to offer an inclusive product for everyone.

From Volition you have wanted to make a special presentation for this content because it includes a huge depth of options, all this season with the Macarra style and fun housemark , with which we can give the cante based on colorful or garments of the most strident. The thorough personalization program is the most powerful tool set of the study to date

The personalization will not only take place in terms of our gang members. But it will also reach other aspects of the game, such as vehicles. Maybe it’s repeat ourselves, but we can change the body in different colors and styles, but also we will also have the possibility of using special movements at full speed from our cugs , such as being able to put skewers on the wheels to annoy the persecutors or even Eject us to fly, as if we were Batman himself in Arkham Knight.

Of course, weapons will be part of the fun, as we have already seen in previous deliveries of the series. There will be no limits to imagination and extravagance will be total when it comes to ending our enemies. In addition to being able to give a colorful styling also to our weapons or textures , the appearance will also deceive. We can attack up with a guitar case that really is a rocket launcher or a crutch that is a submachine **; Or even with weapons that release kilos of confetti. An augin of constant surprises!

The Launch Date of Saints Row is August 23, 2022 PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC through Epic Games Store.

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