Harry Her King picked him in both Team Liquids video games last week, though he only claimed one triumph. It was the very same case for Cristian Paradox Paradox, who additionally pulled Aurelio Sol out of his sleeve twice, yet won only when.

Aurelio Sol develop played by LCS pros.

There are 2 mythic options when it came to Aurelio Sol in the 2023 LCS Springtime Split. In among their video games, both Paradox and Her chose Landry Distress as opposed to the more common Pole of Ages. The last comes as the evident choice as a result of Aurelio Sols MANA pool problems, while it additionally gives him considerable health and also capacity rush to various other famous items.

Regardless of the nerfs, Aurelio Sol ought to remain a sensible choice in the solo line-up. And also if you’re looking to develop him the way that the North American pros did, here’s a failure of how they did it.

After the most recent rework, Aurelio Sol made his 2023 LCS Spring Split debut during week six of the competitors. Here show the pros built him if you want to attempt him out too.

As well as while having Pole of Ages appears reasonable, especially in the initial 20 minutes of the video game, the Star Counterfeiter is able to boost his MANA pool by having Seraphs Embrace. If you’re looking for a much more aggressive build, you must pick Landry Suffering. The product itself additionally empowers various other legendary things with capability haste as well as grants 600 MANA by itself, so you ought to be fine in that regard.

With a 2-3 document up until now in the North American competition, Aurelio Sol is yet to solidify himself as one of the much better mid-lane picks in the LCS. Although with week seven used Spot 13.4, where Aurelio Sol will remain unmodified in advance of his Patch 13.5 adjustments, It’s safe to state that he’s hosting likely to make some looks this Thursday as well as Friday too.

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An additional crucial thing that included in four of the 5 ready Aurelio Sol is Relies Crystal Scepter. It’s a vital part thanks to the champions AOE damage. When you hit enemies with your black opening or utmost, you desire your team to act on that, and having them reduced by Relies Crystal Scepters passive is available in handy.

What comes next after you protect Aurelius Sol core items

As soon as lcs pros obtained their hands on mythic things, Seraphs Embrace, and also Relies Crystal Scepter, they started choosing protective or offensive alternatives, depending on the state of their games. In the former cases, they develop Abandons Death cap, while in the last they opted for Banshees Veil and also Stop-watch. In either case, it’s a tip that once you obtain these three core things under your belt, you might complete your build with AP items that will certainly match your situation one of the most.

One more crucial thing that featured in four of the five games for Aurelio Sol is Relies Crystal Scepter.


It was the same case for Cristian Paradox Paradox, that additionally drew Aurelio Sol out of his sleeve twice, yet won just when. There are 2 mythic options when it came to Aurelio Sol in the 2023 LCS Spring Split. The last comes as the apparent choice due to Aurelio Sols MANA pool issues, while it likewise provides him considerable wellness and also ability rush to various other famous things.

The 2023 LCS Springtime Split returns this Thursday, March 9, with week 7 of the competitors.