During your struggle for survival in USG CHIMERA, you will encounter various weapons that will help you cope with the invasion of mesomorphs.
As soon as you find the first bench of improvements, you can improve your weapon and costume using power nodes.
At first, you may have a choice paralysis, and, without knowing the game, you can wonder which weapons to improve in the first place.

The best weapon for priority update in Dead Space Remake

The weapon that you must first improve in Dead Space is, without a doubt, the first weapon that you get in the game, your faithful plasma cut.
The plasma cut is a formidable and very effective weapon to combat mesomorphs because of its nature-this is a cutting tool with high energy.
Issued by Isaac as the first weapon, it retains its usefulness and effectiveness as preferred weapons throughout the game.
There are several reasons why you should update your plasma cutter, especially during your first passage of Dead Space:
Problems with ammunition: Dead Space remake retains the RNG element of the original in the issuance of ammunition depending on the use of weapons.
The more you use a certain weapon, the more cartridges you get.
You will never have a lack of ammunition if you focus on the plasma cutter during the game.
Lack of power nodes: Throughout the game you will receive several types of weapons, but you will not have enough Power Notes to update them all.
Do not forget, you will have to spend some of them and on the suit.
At first, it is better to optimize one weapon than to focus on something else.
With the same success it can be a plasma cutter.
Efficiency: a plasma cutter will maintain its effectiveness in the destruction of most mesomorphs in Dead Space.
It works, cutting off the limbs to them, which is the key to their destruction.
If you improve its store capacity and output damage, it will increase very well with the enemies that you face during the campaign.
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