[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Game (CEO Won Leeching) announced on the 19th that the hybrid strategy simulation game (SLG) ‘LE ROI’, which is about to be released in November, has been in advance.

This pre-booking can be participated through the Lua Pre-Reservation Event page in the Game Portal from the 19th to the official launch. A 40% discount coupon will be paid when booking in advance.

On the day of the official launch, users will receive 1,000 crystals, 10 stones, 10 heroes, 3 summonses, 10 construction acceleration, and 10 pieces of Singsong Yi Sun-sin, and each store can be reserved separately.

Prior to pre-booking, Lua has been working on one store beta test since the 12th. The One Store beta test ends at 6 pm on the 19th.

Lua, meanwhile, is a hybrid mobile game that combines three-match puzzle combat systems to the SLG genre, which develops his estate to build a legion and build a strategy to grow into the strongest monarch through clan wars and server games.

Due to the nature of the genre, you can enjoy content such as harvesting and producing resources, deploying troops, raising trainers, and battles of monster, and in the 3-match puzzle battle, you can gain combat experience using the combination, commercial, and attributes of puzzles.