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Gamescom 2023 Advance sales are already beginning with Christmas

After a two-year break, Games com 2023 starts presence once again for the second time.
You can currently protect the tickets for your check-out to your trade fair if you think about sniffing the air of the halls live on site.
The tickets have so far only been readily available in a Merchandise package.

Games com 2023 tickets: Already possible

The different X-MAS packages exist in the Games com store.
Each of the bundles consists of a minimum of one day ticket for Games com 2023 and a top, such as hoodies or shirts.
There is still a secret merchandise that has a certain minimum value.
When does Games com 2023 take place?
Games com will occur in the coming year from 24.
Until August 27, 2023.
On August 23, 2023, the trade visitor and media day will also happen, where personal visitors can not buy regular tickets.

There is just the possibility to get in the exhibition halls via wildcards.
The following Christmas bundle is:
Wildcard (August 23), T-shirt, merchandise (Goodies worth at least 30 euros): 99.90 euros
Wildcard (August 23), hoodie, merchandise (Goodies worth at least 30 euros): 139.90 euros
Thursday (August 24), T-shirt, product (Goodies worth a minimum of 35 euros): 69.90 euros
Friday (August 25th), two T-shirts, merchandise (goodies worth at least 30 euros): 84.90 euros
Saturday (August 26), T-shirt, merchandise (Goodies worth at least 45 euros): 89.90 euros
Sunday (August 27), Tee shirts, product (goodies worth a minimum of 30 euros): 79.90 euros
Season ticket (do-so), Tee shirts, merchandise (goodies worth at least 25 euros): 159.99 euros
You don’t have to strike yet if the plans are too expensive for you.
As in previous years, Games com will most likely start a separate pre-sale in the course of 2023.


The tickets will then be available for the regular cost without an extra merchandise.
Summary of the previous information about Games com 2023:
more on the topic
Games com 2023: Date of the fair and Opening Night Live for next year
Which publisher are on website?
Far, there is no accurate information about this.
If you just want to go to Games com 2023 for certain publishers or hope that your desired video games will be playable live on site, you must follow the Gamer reporting for Games com 2023.
Does the ON occur once again?
The Opening Night Live will likewise happen once again in 2023.
There will be a different choice for this occasion to get entry tickets for the program.
The occasion will happen on August 22, 2023, most likely with a start around 8:00 p.m.
Do you currently secure the very first tickets or do you wait until there are tickets in the private bundle?

Sega aims to create a SUPER GAME by the fiscal year ending March 2026- The Sonic series has a total of 1.5 billion sales records

The Sega Some Group has released a integrated report in the fiscal year ending March 2022. In the fiscal year ending March 2022, it was announced that the entertainment content business centered on games has increased the number of ordinary profits of 36.8 billion yen, exceeding the target of 25 billion yen, and has revealed its future policy.


Until the fiscal year ending March 2024, the company’s long-term goal is to increase the profit base due to global branding of existing IPs and promote investment for global players, and will scale globally by the fiscal year ending March 2026. They aim to create the title SUPER GAME.

As a globalization of existing IPs, out of the 7.22 million units sold in the Persona 5 series worldwide, the overseas sales ratio is 77%, and the Sonic film hits have been listed.

In the report, the cumulative number of IPs, which is the source of the value creation of Sega, has been announced, and 25 million in the popular Football Manager series, which is more than 40.4 million in the TOTAL WAR series and overseas. Books above are published. In the Sonic series, the cumulative number of units is over 151 billion.

Expectations are expected for Sonic Frontier, which is about to be released, and large titles that scale globally envisioned by the company.

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