Mi Hero Academia is found in the final agony of his series, and the manga currently shows readers the final fight between the heroes of UA Academy and the villains under the control of All For One. Now, with the artists behind the series They continue giving life to the adventures of Deku and his friends, an assistant of the creator Kohei Horikoshi took the opportunity to enter the world of Nintendo by giving him a new vision to the pink mascot known as Kirby..

Kirby Copies Class 1-A Quirks (Kirby x My Hero Academia)

Like Kirby, Deku and the friends of him who fight against crime have had many videogames in their credit, and most of the tickets see the heroes and villains created by Kohei Horikoshi hitting his head with each other. With the series in your final bow, it will be interesting to see how many additional games you can create the Shonen franchise if the story of class 1-A comes to an end. With the series ready to focus on some of the largest fights in the history of UA Academy to date, there will certainly be a lot of fodder and battles for future video games to adapt.

mi hero Academia The artist Yoko Akiyama shared this new version of Kirby in a postapocaliptytic landscape through his official Twitter account, which shows that the manga artist can definitely stretch his legs when it comes to bringing other popular figures of the world of pop culture to life:

This autumn, the anime will immerse yourself in the largest battle of adaptation to date, when Shigaraki and the crew of it take control of a new force that is a combination of the villain league and the goal liberation army. With the end of the previous season showing the heroes gathered to fight against this new threat to the world, expect some important losses on both sides of the corridor while the battle determines the fate of the Heroes society.

While the sleeve currently tells what Horikoshi has confirmed is the final arc of mi hero Academia Wait great times before the history of class 1-A comes to an end.

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