this work there is a title for all ages, but because sexy element is strong, we recommend the browser back here is kind of story is one weaker.

also have adult patches are distributed in the DLC, because it mentioned in the text about it, people outside the target age is browsing attention only article at the end of item.

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I don’t know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. I am also crying not fully grasp the true character to play. Therefore, the motto of as soon as possible, this project to deliver the raw content of the game is detonation velocity Purebred.

This time, Blaze Worlds is, we would like to deliver raw content for the 2022 romance × tactics FPS was released by Steam in for PC (Windows) on January 21, Wars and Roses .

is a Wars and Roses ?

This work is to stage the modern world, as commander of the female only private military company of Black Rose, the FPS…… to fight the evil of terrorists that infest the world, love shim is united was the unique title.

If you compare, I remember the illusion, such as roast and steak have been brought to the table is set, but it was surprisingly each of the elements feel that 0.00 skillfully balanced independently.

However, because the often interesting behavior in the bug occurs, you may want to play generous feelings, including those sections. I was laughed entered several times jar, but we will introduce immediately.

little relationship by the lead at the publisher?


This filmmaker of publishers OK Game Studio Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is the original development team of will or have been involved in the production. Therefore, if, next work of the same publisher as Her War is the basic concept in its entirety. Although further there is a separate case, Dirty Little succubus RPG She is She Will Punish Them also, originally was scheduled to the same publisher is responsible.

That this work War and Roses, Her War, She Will Punish Them is not also not say that sisters work in the broadest sense (violent) . Please check the post of developers in the way the following Steam community to be worried about.

  • Wars and Roses post

  • She Will Punish Them post

setting, operation and language

Image quality, FOR, to graphics, such as window size, volume, and key configuration, and lined with basic items in the configuration screen. Operation of this work was able to be prima facie controller, because it was the degree such as to manipulate the mouse cursor with the stick, the comfortable play would be a good keyboard and mouse is the best.

The language is unfortunately Japanese non-compliant. Since the conversation stories and exchanges of small events is the main, only English might be hard to grasp the atmosphere. However, the mission is for is basically a shootout, no problem if the enemy that exists exterminated.

What you can do with base

Main start. Evening of one day, is we relax at home women of More to the original commander came to visit. Fabulous She is in the crane helped long ago was not a lot To Hiroshi mono… (?) Atmosphere. This is already Linen readiness in also armed to the teeth Sashimi of commander. …… of are holding a gun to why a home?

This is put on the aggressive pace of Fabulous secretary calling himself Natalia, between that Granary, has been brought to the private military company Black Rose that the original Kano commanders was founded. Here it is only in the configured company in women, while annihilate the terrorists through our commanders’ mission here on base, we women of his fellow and deepen the friendship.

In eight women team fellow lined up on the screen, the lock display the sense that not be used for being caught by the enemy. The first place Speaking or why are we were brought commander in this unit, , that because all girls in the most recent strategy is containing the original Kano commanders received the raid was caught by terrorists, the rescue her US from terrorists complete the mission also will be the main goal of this work.

In addition to mission orders in offices, exchange and with peers, the purchase of such equipment gifts, you can check basic data.

The status, such as the confirmation can also be more information by clicking on the women of the icon. The numbers are displayed in the heart mark icon, but this shows the favorability from her.

Favorability rose in the mission clear, also increased by the gifts and dating to the other. Also, you can see the character event every favorability goes up. fought-earned money is pounding Lets tribute to women.

However, the point to worry, even in the $200 movies at dinner $800, likability that can be acquired is that it was 10 points. It’s obtained by the mission achieved better fought 12 points …… good COS PA against this!

Selection and preparation of the mission

32 types in total name of the mission that contract. NORMAL, respectively, HARD, has been set to the degree of difficulty of INSANE. One next mission for each clearing is unlocked, the flow of fellow women is opened one person approximately every three to four missions.

However, in the release of fellow, you must be in possession of a certain number of stars. Star is set to each degree of difficulty, one if, for example, NORMAL, and so on three if INSANE. In other words than the advance much NORMAL Dechimachima, it might be better to proceed at once with INSANE.

After the mission selection will move to the equipment class selection screen of the commander and his friends in this way. And pistols at an early point in time, is aware that only simple equipment does not possess.

Do not pick up the items, such as ammunition during the mission. So if said’ve got to do when you ammo, it is safe because Lankan infinite handgun is always prepared as a side arm. Other grenade and first aid kit will be required each time purchase because consumables.

Also, for the fund-raising mission Let more and more clear. It should be noted is set durable value in equipment, will be damaged when subjected to some degree of damage. Therefore, there is also a need to repair does not start and there is no money in any event….

Mission Start

Commander and his partner Natalia arriving at the back alley there Too immediately.

… is why do such diatomaceous that?

Flank It is a 26-year-old from soon back, and knees around age feel we are (the sound received at the head of the lead ball)

Clear mission Once you have achieved is set several goals. In most cases the annihilation of the enemy that exists on the map, other recovery and of goods is in, there is a sub-targets such as hostage rescue.

Since the enemy attack by basically the shootings, carelessly it will die taking a barrage if Sukkot in the middle etc. enemy…… is, overall somewhere idyllic, recently if the there are no words also cover only in terrestrial’s of the other flowed instead became such a low-budget B-grade sexy Movie level performance, we got the impression that enjoy the only shootout of atmosphere.

Incidentally because it is displayed frequently in the closed while even if the opening and closing of the door, can also be or make attacks determined ignoring the door Tamar.

…… why the lady is I come out of the enemy hideout?

I got to through the enemy behind why! ?

Anyway mission clear Mistook the enemy to death in ecstasy poses.

Reward is the basic amount of money, Killed enemies and difficulty bonus, sub-goals will be plus. Although I mentioned a little earlier, degree of difficulty because the gold, such as equipment upgrades is a something necessity might be a good and challenge at elevated.

By the way, if the commander is survived by his companion died mission will continue. They are us once defeated the enemy walking around in the map, relying on too much might not best regards because it also or sometimes death started a gunfight with zero distance.

Anyway commander a collection of star by doing the mission came in from the mountain came in from the field. are you waiting impatiently fellow of the recovery event of.

hurts hurts hurts! Recovering the nurse that the body is in the tingling likely to state just looking .

Rescued the rookie is immediately front-on. Thus take two people now proceed to the next mission.

in conclusion

This work, although the attempt is made to summarize generally at one of the tone side-by-side elements, especially FPS Part Chin plays a good play is likely to occur because of the sweet claws of the details in. However, the development team because they proactively update, it seems there is also a possibility that the rise is largely complete in the future.

Thus also contains the several times updated during writing, for example, enemy soldiers are overhead in the icon is displayed, it because the work was or become very easy to mop up the remaining forces.

Title: Wars and Roses
Compatible models: PC (Windows)
Play model in the article: PC (Windows)
Release Date: January 21, 2022
article author play time at the time of this writing: 3 hours
Price: regular price of 2,050 yen (until 2021 February 4, 2009) Sale Price 1,435 yen

bonus (under the age of 18 View Note)

Well, the Steam community has been distributed as a DLC is 18 prohibited patches by the developer. Favorability of Natalia is good just because arrives at the 3, let’s try because it is Nazi dating event.

…… wonder if gagged?

Immediately after this That said, became so filled with flesh-colored image of a level that does not absolutely here are put, it might be a reward for those who expect such a direction. The authors say when……

And I remember the excitement of mystery to the real face of the commander of this is the first time revealed made at the time. Limited Logical G Logitech G Gaming Headset G433BK
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