-Epic Games, participate as a sponsor at Busan Indie Connect Festival for eight consecutive times from the first year to this year

-Designed as the most accessible engine for indie game developers due to the free engine engine


-Session is held on the theme of ‘The Future of Next Generation Content Creation’ on September 2

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Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Sung-cheol) announced on the 25th that it will participate in the Busan Indie Connect Festival 2022 (BIC Festival 2022), which will be held on September 1.

The BIC Festival is the largest indie game festival in Korea every year since 2015. This year, the BIC Festival will be held online and offline at the Busan Port International Convention Center (BPEX) and BIC official website. Epic Games has been a sponsor for eight years since the first year of the event, and has been becoming the most accessible engine for indie game developers through the free Unreal Engine, starting with Unreal Engine 4.

Epic Games will also hold a session at the conference in the BIC Festival 2022. In the session of Epic Games, which will be held on September 2, ‘The Future of Next Generation Content Creation’, the session of the entire industry is integrated in the field of Unreal Engine’s real-time 3D rendering. The activities that Epic Games are preparing, such as Epic Games’ Eco System, which deals with what changes will happen, will be introduced.

Meanwhile, the Epic Games booth within the BIC Festival 2022 offers indie games developed with Unreal Engine. The games displayed include Neverland’s Hit!, Tim Toaster’s , and Undertaker of Hanmae Mountain Mountain Council, and offer free online and offline for players who love indie games during the event. do.

Is a story of a single protagonist in a figures that saves Toyland, who is in danger. My Precious is a three-person action adventure game where the main character, Rev, leaves to reclaim the runaway mother, you can experience the world of fairy tale fantasy of half-trial graphics. Undertaker is a hardcore cooperative action game based on TPS, and you can experience a boss battle to avoid countless barrages through cooperative play.

Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, Epic Games is a sponsorship at the BIC Festival for eight consecutive times this year, and indie developers through the developer sponsorship, Mega Grant, Game Development, Service, and Distribution for Distribution. It has been continuously supporting people, he said. Please.