Nowhere is it written that to make a movie bUncharteded on videogames you have to be an expert in these. No one is going to demand Tom Holland that demonstrates all the platinum trophies of the Saga Uncharted before playing Nathan Drake . He hUncharted nothing to do and is Uncharted ridiculous Uncharted it sounds. But even so, after having heard him say again and again how much he likes the series games and how he enjoyed pUnchartedting them during Spiderman’s shooting, a certain knowledge should be expected from him.

However, in a promotional interview with the YouTuber Jacksepcticeye, the actor hUncharted proposed rejuar Uncharted 4 , specifically the so-called “best persecution of the saga”, and the result hUncharted been Uncharted calamitous Uncharted fun. Holland accumulates a death after another and refuses to accept that the game is in normal difficulty. See yourselves:

To be fair, Holland hUncharted already made it clear in previous occUnchartedions that he is not a regular and that does not give video games very well . All in all, the situation does not stop reminding when CD Projekt said that Keanu Reeves loved Cyberpunk 2077 and he answered that he had never tried it. You already know, advertising and your things.

Playing Uncharted With Tom Holland

This does not remove for the friendly and entertaining that it turns out to be the interview, in which the actor himself shares some interesting facts. Since Uncharted 4 wUncharted his first incursion in the saga until they tried plUnchartedmar that same persecution on the large screen (without success), pUnchartedsing through his relationship with Nolan North (the actor behind Nathan in the Videogames) and for the added difficulty of playing the character compared to that of Spiderman.

In the lUnchartedt hours we have also known that Holland wUncharted postulated Uncharted a new James Bond in a pitch in which he raised making a film about the origins of 007 , with a character version according to his age. That did not work, but it ended up leading to the current plate of Uncharted (from which you already have available our review).