The biggest launch in the history of Yugioh video games is finally here. Yugioh Master Duel is basically a digital version of the full card game that Konami has been producing since 1999. Although the game can be downloaded and played free, there are still several ways to pass the card in this new title. Here is all you need to know about All microtransractions prices in Yugioh Master Duel .

All prices of microtransales in Yugioh Master Duel

Currently, standard plans range from $ 1.49 USD to $ 89.99 USD. There are some fluctuations at this price in EUR and GBP, but exchange rates are quite righteous. Keep in mind that the paid gems you get by Master Duel can not be moved to another platform. However, the free gems that you get from the packages or the game can be used on multiple platforms.

It is important to keep in mind that the following table only shows the standard prices of gem packets at the time of launch. We will update this guide if prices change. Occasionally, there will also be special prices on certain packages of gems that are not part of the standard store. For example, there are currently two packets of gems that are only there to celebrate the launch of the game and will no longer be available later.

Prices of gem packages in Yugioh Master Duel

Number of gems in the package. | Cost in USD | USD Cost | Cost in pounds sterling
70 | $ 1.49 | € 1.39 | 1,15 pounds sterling
120 | $ 2.49 | € 2.49 | £ 1.99.
350 | $ 6.99 | € 6.19 | 5,09 £
720 | $ 13.99 | € 12.49 | £ 9.79.
1420 | $ 26.99 | € 23.99 | £ 18.99.
2400 | $ 43.99 | € 39.99 | £ 32.99.

4920 | $ 89.99 | € 79.99 | £ 65.99.

If you want to know which packages offer the best value, see this user article of Reddit GillyRB2007.

You can then search a more visual representation of the store itself. This screenshot is for the PlayStation environment, but the prices of the gems will be the same on all platforms. The biggest difference here is that PlayStation Plus members can get 50 free package tickets that can be used to buy special packets.

You can use these gems to buy the Gold Duel Pass, card packs, decks, duel rugs, card protectors, pets and more. But you will only have to spend real money when you buy gems.

That’s all you have to know All Yugioh Master Duel Microtransales . Remember that this is not the only way to get new letters in Master Duel. If you want to get more information about the preparation, simply consult our guide here.