Ubisoft Mainz starts the voting phase for the third 1800 Cosmetic DLC of the year. Players have the opportunity to choose from one of three given topics by May 16 ** – and thus make a significant contribution to the decision which DLC setting is finally implemented. The topic with the most votes wins and is created by the developers. “While the first was released on February 15 (the ‘seasonal decorations’ package) and the second (the ‘industrial area’ package) in June, the third is planned for autumn. And we want the decision about that Put the topic once more in your hands from you, our Anno Union Community, “writes Ubisoft Mainz.

Which topic can it be?

When selecting, the feedback on the topics that players would “like to see more ornaments” were taken into account. The “Nature Pack”, the “Eldritch Pack” and the “Old Town Pack” are available. In the “Nature Pack” there are ornaments, “which can be used in larger inner-city parks or perhaps as part of a larger recreational nature park outside the city”. The focus is on special trees, natural monuments, rock formations and places to rest. Individual Gothic elements are planned for the “Eldritch Pack” – suitable for the 19th century. This allows you to expand your cities with dark and creepy ornaments. “This could be the typical water resources, uncanny trees, cemetery and other Gothic architecture,” writes Ubisoft Mainz.

Anno 1800 Beauty Building and Decorating Tips and Tricks

ornaments from earlier anno games, first interim status

With the “Old Town Pack”, ornaments from earlier anno games finally came to anno 1800 (now buy € 13.99 /€ 53.99): “The age of industrialization has been dawned, but that does not mean that it does not mean the rather medieval The roots of their cities from previous annoses. This package focuses on the remnants from older times for your city centers, “added the developers. At the time of the article, the “Old Town Pack” with 226 votes (47.28 percent) lies in number 1 behind the “Nature Pack” (140 votes) and the “Eldritch Pack” (112 votes). You can find the vote on the Anno website. The expansion should cost 4.99 euros and not part of the Season Pass 4.

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