For his engagement in profession with cannabis, a drug in category 2 in Taiwan, the ex-LOL expert might be with lifelong jail time or a short-lived jail time of at the very least 10 years and perhaps with a penalty of no greater than fifteen million New Taiawan Dollar occupied -that’s around half a million US bucks. His penalty is still pending.

Nearly 10 years ago, Toyz won the Summoner’s Mug as Organization of Legends World Champion after beating the South Korean Club Azubu Frost in the LOL World Championship, which was just held second.


A former Organization of Legends World Champion guilty concerning drug trafficking in Taiwan after being apprehended last year because he had tried to sell cannabis that is illegal in the Southeast Asian country.

Taipei Assassins was the last team that Lol Worlds won, which did not originate from China or South Korea.

As reported, Taiwanese media and viewed by Inven Global, Lau ‘Toyz’ Wai Kin, who won in 2012 as Midlaner for Taipei Assassins Lol Worlds, claimed guilty to the fees for which he was apprehended in 2015. Taiwan has strict regulations regarding the circulation as well as contraband of medications, and also Toyz might anticipate a high punishment.

While Toyz has guilty, his protector claimed that the Hong Kong person of Taiwan’s medication regulations did not totally understand and also often traveled between both countries.