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Eintracht Frankfurt: Lindström and the possible point landing

In the 2-2 in Mainz, Jens Petter Haug ran again instead of Lindström. The 22-year-old Norwegian would probably also be in Seville on Wednesday in the first eleven if Lindström should not make sense from the start for health reasons.

But now the confidence is growing that the Danish international is available against the Rangers. “Jesper is on the right track and pain -free. It may be a point landing. This will show the next few days. He is already running, doing things with the ball and has increased the stress significantly, so that he may now get into team training Can. It will be a tight box, but it may be that it works, “said sports director Markus Krösche after the game in Mainz.

EUROPACUP - Caser Nova

Coach Oliver Glasner also said that it looks “quite good”: “It is important for him to have two or three days of training to be ready for the intensity that awaits us on Wednesday.” Even if it shouldn’t be enough for a mission from the start, the chances are apparently not bad, according to these statements, that Lindström will be at least in the squad and could help as a joker.

Horizon Forbidden West: Update 1.08 for download

Guerrilla Games Returns the Update 1.08 for Horizon Forbidden West as download – and thus pushes another patch for the action role play on PS5 and PlayStation 4. In a current reddit thread, the developers are based on the changes and innovations that the update will play. In the foreground, both bug fixes as well as optimizations in the individual play areas are once again in the foreground. In the main quest “The Dying Land” it should no longer happen after the update download that Varl and Zo stand out outside the game area and thus block progress.

Bugfixes and optimizations

In the quest “the broken sky” it could happen that the quick travel function was no longer worked after loading a game level. With the Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.08, the problem should be a thing of the past. In “more does not stay”, Aloy was able to start in rare cases in the base and do not leave it. Also this mistake could eliminate the developers with the patch.

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PS5 buy: Finally GTA 5 available for PlayStation 5 – and finally PS5-drop at Amazon?

According to Amazon UK and Amazon Italia you could finally buy again at the PS5 – punctually to the release of GTA 5 PS5. 0

PS5 buy: Fast end of the PS5 sales action at o2 – now finally amazon it again?

Just a day you could buy the PS5 at o2 – now the provider has stopped the sale. What does that mean for Amazon & Co.?

In addition, there are a number of bug fixes for individual secondary tasks, the world activities and graphics. So it should no longer happen that Aloy comes almost dry from the water after a dive. What the update also changes to reddit under this link. In the thread, the makers also go on the things they are currently examining. Among other things, individual graphics errors are on the list of corrections.

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