It is not long up until the release of Atomic Heart, the shooter from Sunfish will start at the end of February.

If you have pre-ordered the title, you can currently download it, since the Preload of Atomic Heart has officially started-at least on the Xbox consoles, i.e. Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.
Thanks to the preload start, it is now also known how much area atomic Heart will handle your hard disks:
Download size of Atomic Heart (Xbox): 78.66 GB
Atomic Heart is currently a decent chunk, download sizes around 80 GB are also becoming increasingly becoming typical.


Preload on PC, PS4 and PS5: On the other systems on which Atomic Heart appears, the preload has actually not yet begun, however we will upgrade this post as quickly as this holds true.
While the download is operating on the side, with this video you can get to the most recent stand with regard to the setting, and so on:.

Atomic Heart: Open World and Chic Optics.

Nevertheless, little is unexpected that atomic Heart will consume appropriately hard drive memory.
Since the RPG shooter depends on an open video game world that you can check out and offered the first trailers and gameplay scenes, we can also anticipate that we will be handling a fairly elegant title that graphically gets out of the present consoles.
The date was played in January: For a very long time, only Famos-looking trailers were seen for the Sunfish shooter.
How the title happens could just be made.
This altered in January when associate Dennis was able to experiment with the title at a preview event in information.
You can read the impressions of this play session in his preview:.
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Atomic Heart played: we are so relieved, but two fantastic doubts remain.
The release date of Atomic Heart is on February 21, 2023, in addition to the Xbox consoles, the title also stands for the PS5, PS4 and the PC.
There is now likewise particular info at the time of Atomic Heart, you can also get an actually long game thanks to the Open World.
On which console will you play atomic heart?