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Experience the Latest PS5 Update with Wireless Updates, Discord Support and VRR Support for 1440p Monitors

Disharmony assistance, VRR support for 1440p displays and wireless updates for the twin sensuous controller-these were the highlights of the last large PS5 update.
However, deep down in the changelogs, mindful fans have discovered a special attribute that the Xbox has been using for some time.

brand-new feature for the PS5 can save you huge downloads

With the upgrade 7.0.0 for the PS5, Sony has offered its current console a couple of practical brand-new features.
PS5’s gamers can utilize Discord via the console, if just via detours.
On the various other hand, the function on the Xbox has been offered for a long period of time.
So simple you link PSN as well as your disharmony account to be able to utilize the language conversation on the PS5:
Use dissonance language conversation on the PS5
However that’s not the only attribute that Sony replicated from the Xbox.
Due to the fact that if you review the complete changelog of the update very carefully, you will also locate the following passage:

If the download variation of a video game is readily available on your PS5 that you have actually not acquired (for instance a video game that an additional player got on your PS5), however you have the disc version of this video game, you can
Play set up download variation currently if you initial insert the disc (without the disc version needing to be set up).

The circumstance is similar if you set up a game with the associated disc and also later on acquired the game download variation of the video game: In this case, you can now also play the set-up disc variation of the video game without taking the disc. (Source.
PlayStation blog site).
This can also be fascinating for PS5 gamers who reside in areas where there is no rapid net link.
If your friend has a video game that you acquired electronically on Disc, he can bring you the video game briefly, you mount it from the disc and after that only have to draw the updates over the Internet before you can play without disc.

Sony has actually already released further update.


Soon after rolling out the firmware 7.0.0, Sony has actually currently launched an additional upgrade for the PS5.
The new firmware with variation number 7.01.0 does not bring any type of major innovations.
According to the description on the main website, the tiny spot just solutions a problem, which guaranteed that the connection to the discord language chat was disrupted.
By the method: You can now purchase the PS5 straight via
Sony PlayStation 5.
EUR 549.99 for Amazon.

The price may be higher currently.
Cost from March 15th, 2023 4:19 p.m.
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Wemade Play, Anipang PR Model Lim Young -woong One Pick

[ Moon Byung-soo] Remade Play (CEO Lee Honda) released a special photo of singer LIM Young-woong, who was selected as a promotional model for the ‘Knifing’ series.

This photo is ‘One Pick’, which was selected on the spot of ‘ANI Pang 2’, ‘ANI Pang 3’, ‘ANI Pang 4’, and LIM Young-woong, who will be active in the three series of ‘ANI Pang 2’, ‘ANI Pang 3’, ‘ANI Pang 4’ to be. The photographs selected by company officials and field participants, including the marketing team, are also a scene of the concept of ‘LIM Young-woong who conveys the heart of Knifing’.

Kim Seldom, the Remade Play Marketing Team PM, said, This photo, which is a symbol of Sniping, was enough to give everyone excitement and expectation.

At the shooting site, LIM Young-woong took over 300 photographs with various costumes, expressions, and poses, including cozy sweaters to dandy Han suits, in line with each game contents and concepts such as Sniping 2, Sniping 3, and Sniping 4, which will be active as an exclusive model.

LIM Young-woong, who will be in the first model of the game, said, It was a photo shoot with everyday costume and intimate hearts with accessories, he said. I expect to convey the joy of a comfortable national game to many people.

Remade Play is preparing for official walks through TV, radio and various online channels for major series of Sniping, Sniping 2, Sniping 3, and Sniping 4.

Boldts plea for HSV coach Walter

Already after the 0: 1 in Kiel three weeks ago, the supposed end of all promotion hopes, the KICKER WEEKNACHTONBLICK had reported that the work of the 40-year board of directors on the Supervisory Board was put to the test. The constellation with his new partner Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld, sent from the control body, had changed the starting point of the ex-leverkusen. Above all, however, a third failure in the promotion battle under his leadership would have to be checked critically.

Boldt advertises the continuation of the path

Since then, the team has set up to catch up and at least demonstrated one: she does not fall apart under coach Walter in the final sprint and in the event of resistance as in previous years. The reason for Boldt, regardless of ascent or non-promotion, to promote this path. “I always said we believe in ourselves. And the feedback is great that people say we can identify with it.”

We have a trainer who is brave, we have a team that wants to be brave.

Jonas Boldt

He has registered that this positive feedback does not come from its own committee. “Maybe one or the other cannot handle the printing situation properly is a bit more impatient.” A subtle note to Supervisory Board Marcell Jansen? In any case, Boldt sees an immediate connection between Walter’s work and the current catch -up: “We have a coach who is brave, we have a team that wants to be brave. The players don’t want to get up, they defend themselves. Then it has Also to do with the play area. And also with the fact that we said we want a base where the boys are behind. “

01. May 202205: 07 minutes

KICKER WEEKNACHTONBLICK week -back from 1.5.2022

Bochum celebrates four goals and relegation at BVB, Erzgebirge Aue descends to the 3rd division, SC Magdeburg wins handball thrillers against Foxes Berlin




Thioune, Boldt, Walter: Die große HSV-Saisonanalyse






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Boldt determines that Walter, who is contractually bound by 2023, continues. Because he is convinced that the constant change of course is responsible for the path of the HSV to the dead end. “If you stay together in the constellation, something can really grow here. This is something that has been lacking in the HSV in the past 20 years. There was rarely the feeling from the outside that there is a right unity and unity You pass on the route. Otherwise you have to throw everything back every year and start again. ” Boldt’s struggle for Walter is of course also a fight for his own future – because he knows that another change of coach fell into his area of responsibility. Two more victories against Hanover and in Rostock would therefore – regardless of whether it is still sufficient for the climb – further arguments for the continuation of the path.

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