Since Atomic Heart was announced in 2018, the game has been subject to controversy and restlessness in the industry.
But regardless, he feels like a cross between Wallenstein: New Colossus meets Bios hock in Russia.
As both titles, this game will challenge you with powerful and intuitive enemies of all kinds and size.
Some of which can only be significantly damaged by the use of cartridges.
However, acquiring them is not the confusing part;
It is actually using them.


Therefore, here it is explained how to use cartridges in Atomic Heart.

How players equip cartridges in Atomic Heart

In a nutshell, players only need their corresponding weapon and press the central button on PC/square in PlayStation/X in Xbox to apply the cartridges.
Once there, you can also travel and choose any cartridge that wants your little Russian heart fighter for freedom.

However, obtaining them is a bit more complicated, since players will have to grind a lot of chests to find both the recipe and the necessary materials in Atomic Heart.
Not to mention, first, update their weapons to allow these attachments.

What do cartridges do in Atomic Heart?

Since Atomic Heart takes place mainly in a strange amusement park, there is the expectation of some really strange weapons (of which there are 25).
However, some of the most resistant enemies of the game have health that cannot be reduced considerably without the use of these cartridges.
The cartridges themselves match the probabilities, since they use the specific weaknesses of the enemies through one of the three elementary affinities: fire, electricity and ice.
But be careful with the buyer: they do not last forever and will inevitably run out of fuel.
Therefore, supply the necessary materials to be able to manufacture new cartridges when orders.
In any case, now you know how to really equip cartridges in Atomic Heart.
Assuming you have been playing, it is expected that you have already obtained the cartridge recipe.
Otherwise, be sure to consult one of our many Atomic Heart guides, which include how to overcome the bosses such as the Minimize Plush or how to perform a furtive attack in the game.
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