Avalanche Software celebrates the official Hogwarts Legacy launch by rewarding fans with Twitch Drops.
As it is tradition, the company requires that you spend time watching Twitch Streamers play the new RPG Title of Action and Adventure to claim gifts.
So if you don’t want to miss them, follow this guide for claims of Hogwarts Legacy Twitch.


Hogwarts Legacy Twitch Demand

The first thing you should do to claim Hogwarts Legacy Twitch drops is to connect the Twitch and WB Games accounts.
To start, visit the Warner Bros Games website and log in to your existing WB Games account.
Then, on the connection page, select the Connect button for Twitch and select Continue.
Finally, log in to your Twitch account to link the accounts.

After connecting the accounts, look at any Twitch transmitter play Hogwarts Legacy for at least half an hour to start collecting cosmetic items.
Continue to see to receive the four elements, with one as a reward every half hour of visualization time.
However, make sure that the channel you are seeing has the label Goats enabled just below the video frame.
Are you ready to harvest the rewards?
Four exclusive cosmetics for the #HogwartSlegacy game will be available with Twitch Drops from February 7 to 24.
https://t.co/v0kgkkowig pic.twitter.com/n8hqero6yj
-Hogwarts Legacy (@hogwartslegacy) February 6, 2023,
To redeem your reward won, first, visit your Drops inventory page and became it.
Then, go to the Hogwarts Legacy page and replace it there too.
The Twitch Drops will be sent through the OWL Post system until February 24, 2023, according to the official announcement.
In case you do not receive the rewards on time, contact the WB Games customer service to get help or click here to send a support ticket.

Twitch Drop rewards

Hogwarts Legacy players can get four cosmetic articles in total as part of the Twitch program.
Here is the rewards list:
Dragon-eyed silver glasses
Heresy hat
Ray Carmen Panel
Lilac set
There you have it.
That is all you need to know about how to claim contraction drops of Hogwarts legacy.
Be sure to consult the rest of our Hogwarts Legacy coverage below.
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