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Kakao Games updates Umamus Me Pretty Derby

-In addition of unique expressions and tone, Umamusme ‘Mihono Bourbon’

-Protope 4 kinds of ‘support card’ that helps foster characters

** -The story event that presents a variety of rewards ‘Go to your dreams!’

Kakao Games has a second update to unveil four new characters ‘Mihono Burbong’ and ‘Support Card’ in the mobile game Umamus Pretty Derby, developed by Saigames today (4th).

First of all, ‘Mihono Bourbon’, a newly introduced ‘Umumusume’ character, is a “ Umamusume ” such as Cyborg, which is identified as a shame and performs a unique purpose with a unique expression and t1. I have little opportunity to talk to others, so I have the same personality. In particular, the effort genius (Umamusmem) is characterized by the fact that he is good at escape operations.

In addition, four kinds of support cards were added to help foster characters. Through this update, SSR grade ‘(Turbo Engine Development Declaration!) Twin Turbo’, SR grade ‘(Party People, Party Night!) Daitaku Helios, R grade’ (Tresen Academy) Twin Turbo, R grade ‘(R grade Tressen Academy) You can meet Daitaku Helios.

In addition, the story event ‘Go to your dreams!’ Will be held until the 10th, and the event can be viewed and limited compensation.

Umamus Pretty Derby, which began its official service on June 20, is a development simulation game that competes to fulfill the dreams of each character by fostering the characters that have inherited the name and soul of the real race horse.

Immediately after the official service, the company has been ranked No. 1 in both markets, ranking first in the Apple App Store’s top sales ranking and Google Play’s highest sales ranking.

Details of this update of Umamusme Pretty Derby can be found in brand page , Official KakaoTalk channel , official community .

Uncharted movie has no brake: its manufacturers and also see it as a new effective franchise business

And it seems that Nathan Drake can not leave the cinema full , considering that the director of the movie, Ruben Fleischer, has valued the creation of a sequel to continue this success. He likewise does not rule out a movie within deep space of Jak and also Daxter, something that Tom Holland would certainly authorize as a protagonist.

Tom Holland and ‘Uncharted’ Creators Discuss Making the Movie | Creator to Creator

Undiscovered has actually already taken the dive to the big screen, and also it appears that this movement has been most profitable. In Spain, the movie starring Tom Holland has actually harvested good figures, while United States has not been left in benefits. Nathan Drake rejects to go stale and also not only proceeds to build up millions of dollars, however the manufacturers of him currently see him as a “brand-new franchise business of successful movies **”.

The film has actually elevated more than 100 million dollars in simply one weekend Those are words you made use of Tom Rothman , Chief Executive Officer of Sony Pictures Movie Group, to refer to the success of the film in The American signboard. According to the Middle Target Date, the CEO has shared a memorandum with the workers to highlight that the advantages of the movie have currently exceeded 139 million dollars around the world . What makes it, according to the statements of it, in a legend to consider.

“With greater than 100 million dollars at block and at just one weekend, and 90% Rotten Tomatoes rack up, Undiscovered is a brand-new franchise business of effective films for the company,” Celebrates Rothman in the declaration. Furthermore, the professional highlights all the problems originated from the pandemia that have actually reduced the production of the film, so he appreciates all the effort positioned on the project.

Anno 1800 Update 13 with many improvements

The big update 13 for Anna 1800 is imminent: The new patch will appear on December 14th at 6 pm. Meanwhile, Ubisoft Mainz has submitted the patch notes to the approximately 2.5 gigabyte update, which includes all changes and innovations. The update plays a support for the colorful painting DLC, which is also available for download from tomorrow. The same applies to the plant a tree DLC, whose proceeds want to donate developers.

Update brings new scenario

One of the highlights of the new update is undoubtedly the Eden at the end scenario, which accompanies an environmental project — and a green island created. Details Lest in a separate item under this link. If you get the colorful painting DLC, you can enjoy more than 69 additional building skins in Anna 1800 — and create optically varied cities. Fits the update 13 contains a skin-painting tool that can change your easier between different building skins.

On Balancing Ubisoft Mainz screws with the ANNA 1800 (Buy Now €23,99 / €53.99) Patch 13 also. Thus, the attractiveness of the Skyline Towers is increased to 275, while the exchange ratios for new nurseries from the roofs of the city DLC in the Speicherstadt experienced an adjustment. In addition, you make a new option that allows the production successor to disable in the settings. If you trigger a residential building after the update 13, you will receive a refund.

Numerous bug fixes

PEDESTRIAN ZONE! - Let's Play ANNO 1800 - S2 Ep.65 [All DLC]

The patch is rounded off with numerous bug fixes. For example, the developers create a cause of a crash when pop-up for deleting ships from the game world. Furthermore, a problem has been fixed in which the Dysphoria slaughter cruiser was destroyed after reloading the game when he had more than 15600 hit points. The full patch Notes with all the details of the Anna 1800 Update 13 can be found on the website for the starting game.

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