Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAME*Spark readers who are lamenting, saying, “I don’t know what kind of game it is!” Therefore, it is this project “Explosive Speed Play Repo” to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, STUNLOCK STUDIO will deliver the play repo of the survival MMO action game “ v Rising ” that started early access at Steam on May 17, 2022. Immediately after the start of early access, the number of simultaneous connections has exceeded 70,000 **, and this work is a hot topic. Let’s see what kind of game it is.

What is “v Rising”

This work is a survival MMO action game that struggles with NPCs and other players in search of the materials and skills necessary for craft, and the blood that is indispensable for surviving, while operating the vampire and building a castle.

It is a game system that combines “Valheim” and “DIABLO”, and the construction elements can be particular about the decoration of simple ones. Because it is simple, there is no worry that the building will collapse without satisfying the building standards. New skills and recipes will be released by defeating the boss.

Although single play is possible, basically online cooperation and PVP are the main mode of this work. In addition, the vampire is only for players, and the biggest enemy is “blood hunger” and “sunlight”, and it is also the charm of this work that you can enjoy the classic vampire nature.

Approach the actual content of “V Rising”!

The game mode of this work is roughly in terms of a solo play by a private host, and online PVE or PVP, which is the main mode. When you launch a game yourself, you can set the game rules in detail, such as the time zone when PvP is possible.

After selecting the mode, the next step is to customize the avatar. Gender, skin color, hairstyle, etc. can be changed. Although it is a bird’s -eye view game, the operation is moved with the WASD key on the keyboard, an attack on the mouse and the viewpoint operation.

The level of the player depends on the items to be equipped, so there is no concept of experience. Collect materials, craft stronger weapons and armor, and equip them to increase the “Gear level” to strengthen the player. It is important to note that the equipment has “endurance”, so if you keep using it without repair, it will break, and the GEAR level will decrease and the player will be weakened.

In addition, since the vampire is the theme game, the three major elements that are not good at vampires, which will be known in the general public, are also incorporated. There is no story mode, and the game starts from the scene where the vampire, once destroyed by humans, is revived again. Although it is the first play without prior knowledge, I started playing with PVE online.

When you revive from the coffin, follow the quests in the upper left, collect bones and craft your weapons. In the first area, the skeleton wanders around, collect 30 bones and craft weapons.

Go out of the first area, the cemetery, to the world where the adventure is. Select the starting point from two places and get off. In addition to weapons, it is necessary to make armor, and if you are exploring the area in search of “Animal Hide”, which is the material, the wolf attacks while avoiding the rush and defeating the material. Get When the basic equipment is in place, the morning will fall into the ground.

Then, the line of light pointed to the player and was wrapped in flames at once, and the damage was reduced quickly. When I entered the shadow reflectively, the human body was ignited and I picked it up. The vampire of this work will not die in the sun unless it hits direct sunlight, so if you move while hiding behind it, you can work during the day.

When I went further away while avoiding sunlight, I found a base that other players would have made. Looking at various crafts, I was asked if I could play together from the owner of the building, and I found a clan by groping. I got a friend in about 20 minutes starting the game.

If you are a vampire, blood should be chosen!

Mr. V (named without permission) was invited by Mr. V (named without permission), “I made a Blood Alter? Let’s go down the boss’s Alpha Wolf”, and although it was a refreshing thing, it fought earlier. A wolf about two times larger than the wolf appears. Obviously, the attack power is strong, and it will summon two normal wolves and attack with numbers.

If you fight together and weaken the enemy, you will see “Hold to EXTRACT BLOOD”. When you press the F key by default, the meter is displayed unprotected and the meter until the blood absorption is completed. If a friend begins to suck blood first, the enemy will die when blood sucking is completed, so the player who has begun to suck blood will not be able to complete blood sucking.

Mr. V shouts “100%pure blad!” And says, “I’m going to suck me blood.” One of the vampire skills is “EXPose Vein”, which can be used to be defenseless, and by sucking other vampires to the other vampire, you can give the other party half of the “Blood Pool” you have acquired.

Then, when I sucked V’s blood, the “Blood Pool” in the lower center was half full, and the left side showed 100 % of the animal footprints and 100 %. However, I have no idea what this means at the time, about 20 minutes starting game play. I didn’t understand the value, and I was a disappointing friend for V.

One of the important factors for vampires is “blood sucking”. Blood sucking enemies and friends will satisfy the “Blood Pool (blood tank)”. This tank is not only used for automatic recovery when attacked by the enemy, but if it is depleted, your physical strength will gradually decrease, so if you notice it, HP is 1. and…….

If you are a vampire, try to keep your blood. Automatic recovery takes time, so you can use the vampire skill “Blood Mend” to consume a blood tank and recover at a faster speed. There are also items that restore physical strength without consuming blood tanks.

In addition, depending on the type of enemies to be sucked, there is a buff effect obtained from blood. The buff effect that can be obtained by the type of enemy such as animals, swordsmen, and archer is different. However, the rats wandering are the poorest animals, so they do not have a buff effect from blood.

In addition, even the same enemy has a difference in its effectiveness, and if you put a mouse pointer on the target enemy, you will see a percentage under your physical strength, and you can see the effects obtained from that enemy. Unfortunately, if you keep sucking the same enemy, you will not be able to get a percentage, and if you want to get a strong blood, you need to find an enemy with a high percentage.

The obtained buff effect is that the blood of the animal is increased, and the higher the effect, the more buff effects obtained. If you get used to it, you tend to suck blood when you defeat the enemy, but if you complete blood, the type of blood tank will change, so if you do not want to change it, you can cancel blood sucking.

However, there is still no good condition. In addition to gradually decreasing blood tanks, when the tank is empty, your physical strength decreases, so you need to go to find the next opponent. This brings good accents to this work.

Simple and decorative construction elements and PvP are hot

In this work, if you do quests immediately after the game starts, you will be able to create a base immediately. The base is relatively free, except for a certain area and a road or a specific area. First, the heart of the castle called “Castle Heart” is installed, and the area that can be constructed is expanded by specifying the territory using “Boarder” centered on it.

You can install “SAWMIL”, which collects materials and processes the cut wood, and “WORK BENCH”, which can collect materials and cut down wood, and “WORK BENCH”, which can craft more powerful weapons and armor. If you can make more powerful equipment, you can enhance the player by raising the “Gear level”.

When the GEAR level goes up with the renewed equipment, the next thing to do is collect more skills and recipes. To do so, you need to hunt the boss, and you need a “Blood Alter” to identify the position of the boss because it is an open world unexpectedly. At this time, I can understand what the clan fellow V, who was taken care of at PVE, was saying…

Countless bosses can fight without “Blood Alter”, but it is difficult to find immediately without knowing the location. In addition, you can use the strategy order to see what kind of recipe and skills you can get when you defeat the boss.

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And to move those facilities in the castle, you need resources worthy of electricity and other power… “Blood Essence”. Blood Essence can be obtained by obtaining the enemy when sucking blood, or putting the heart and wandering rats in a specific equipment.

Entering the essence in “Castle Heart” will maintain the castle’s function. However, it does not have long because it is always consumed. Moreover, if the essence is exhausted, attacks from NPC enemies and other players will easily pass the building.

It depends on the game rule of the server, but basically other players other than their friends touch the essence exhausted “Castle Heart”, so that the castle itself can be collapsed and the land can be turned into a vacant lot. “Castle Heart” also has a level, and it is not possible to put the essence in the initial state, so it is recommended to use a specific material as soon as possible to level up.

The ignorant writer who does not know that it is possible to collapse is a day without putting too much essence on the first PvP, and when I re -log in, it was already vacant and all items were deprived… Who is this? But there is no doubt that you will be reluctant!

In PVE, the maximum number of 1 clan is four, but if you have four, the boss battle will be much easier. That’s good, but it should still lack tension. In such a case, PVP.

The area where the boss appears is determined to be a specific place, so it is inevitably easy to encounter other players. Therefore, when you encounter other players, you need to be more nervous about other vampires than any enemy.

Solo play cannot survive first. In PVP mode, there is a rule that 30 minutes after the game starts (depending on the server), it is a good idea to look for a clan within that time.

v Rising ” introduced so far. There are various factors at this time, and new elements will be added even during the early access period. There are not many bugs and the degree of perfection is already high, so I think that early access is needed.

However, it is important to note that this work does not play offline play, so if the server you were playing down, you will not be able to play the advanced game. The play repo ends here, but if you want to enjoy the future, why don’t you spend your days in sucking blood.