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Deck -built survival ADV Hatena no Tower -THE TOWER OF CHILDREN

Publisher’s Squash Games announced on November 10 that it will release Arena Tower-THE TOWER OF CHILDREN- in the information program Indie World on January 19. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch. A free demo version is currently being distributed on Steam.

Arena no Tower-THE TOWER OF CHILDREN- is a deck-built survival adventure game. The stage is the endless tower at the end of the world. The children live on the tower. They live on the harsh tower, and go on an adventure going down the tower to live and become a paradise on the ground.

The battle with the enemy appearing in the tower proceeds using a card. This is the shape of a card that corresponds to each action, such as attacks and defense. Since the next action of the enemy is displayed, it is important to judge to defend according to the enemy’s attack. If you don’t have a card you want to use in your hand, you can shuffle and recover your hand.

The battle using these cards progresses in real time, not turn-based. By guarding the opponent’s attack in a timely manner, the battle is advantageous while using the mechanism that loses the opponent’s posture and increases the damage by using a sword card repeatedly. The 20 children have decks and passive skills, and more than 70 types of cards appear. It is said that tactics change diverse depending on the jobs and combinations of these children. There may be situations where you are forced to go on an adventure or collect food and turn it back.

This work was announced in September 2021 as a support title for the developer support community Squash Game Creators CAMP operated by Squash Games. Initially, only PCs (Steam) were supported, but this time the new Nintendo Switch version was announced. The development of this work is the last α of a Japanese game company. The director is Too IKEA of Lollipop Chainsaw, and the character design is Mask NATO, the author of the manga Ruridragon.

Arena no Tower-THE TOWER OF CHILDREN- will be released on January 19 for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch. The price is 2500 yen (tax included).

The best survival games in the Game Pass

The Game Pass has a lot to offer for fans of virtual survival fighting.

Dayz once started him: Hype for survival games. Since almost a decade you are indispensable. Especially on the PC, more precisely in the Early-Access program of Steam, a representative after another appears, only the few are worth your money. For the titles that are in the Game Pass, fortunately, you do not have to pay anything – not directly at least, for that you pay the subscription fees. Microsoft’s service has surprisingly many games in Petto, where the fight for survive an important, if not playing the central role. The best of them we introduce you to this special.

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition

ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the most famous survival games at all. His trademark: the dinos. Here you not only explore a world, procure food, creates tools as well as weapons and builds a base, you also tame huge odors as well as other original time. They serve them on the one hand as a mount, but on the other hand, they are also enormously useful both in resource procurement as well as in combat. With a triceratop, for example, wonderfully whole forests can be roded.

It is especially nice that the Game Pass is the Ultrimate Survivor Edition of ARK: Survival Evolved. This includes not only the main game but also contains all extensions. So there is a lot of content for subscribers, so that you can spend a lot of time in the world-dominated world – both alone and in multiplayer, where ARK is not designed for the singpleplayer, but clearly focuses on people who work together and against want to play other people on servers.


  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Cloud

Astroneeer is a survival game without fighting. You play an astronaut that crashed on a strange, inhospitable planet. Your task: survival – who would have thought that? To do this, your abundant crafting operates and collects resources. The peculiarity of the game is that you can deform the environment. You can dig deep trenches and form mountains.

The game world is generated procedure and consists not only from a planet. As soon as you have built a spaceship, you can fly to other sky bodies of the solar system. A total of seven planets await you that you either explore solo or with up to three friends.


  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Cloud

Best Survival Games on Xbox Game Pass (August 2021)

Conan Exiles has many similarities with ARK: Survival Evolved, but plays in a completely different setting. It is based on the fantasy world created by the writer Robert E. Howard and who became known with the two Conan films with Arnold Schwarzenegger a broad audience. You are an exilant who has to survive in a dangerous environment full of monsters and enemy people. From found materials you make tools and weapons. Then you build a shelter. Of course you have to take care of the food supply.

In addition to the classic survival elements, Conan Exiles offers a Loot progression that reminds of role-playing games. There are even real dungeons together with boss grey, in which their valuable prey can make. The combat system is clearly more tactical than in other survival games, even reminds in approaches to Dark Souls. Another special feature is the slave system. Yes, you can hold in Conan Exiles Slaves. This does not mean other players, but NPCs. You can do that to craftsmen, but also to fighters that accompany you protect or to your excursions into the dangerous wilderness.


  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Cloud

In contrast to all other games in this list, Grounded is not finished yet. The game of Obsidian Entertainment, a developer who is otherwise known for role-playing games, has been published by 2020 as an early access version and nothing has changed in this status despite numerous updates. But even if it is not finished, it’s really good.

Grounded puts you in the skin of an ant size shampooed teen. Solo or in Koop mode with other players struggles to survive in the home garden. Here you have to take eight especially before spinning. If you have a arachnophobia, you just activate a mode that makes significantly less disgusting-looking creatures from the eight-legged quirters. Otherwise, the usual survival crystal awaits you: Resources collect, crafting, base construction and fighting.


  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One

Sure: When it comes to the best survival games in the Game Pass, then one of the most successful titles of all time distributed by Microsoft itself may not be missing: Minecraft is the mother of modern crafting and sandbox games. It is happy to forget, but apart from the creative mode, Minecraft is in the core a game where it is about survival. Anyone looking for no shelter on the first day, in which one is best imagined in a mountain or a cave barricaded, is finished in the night of zombies, spiders and the famous creepers.

We probably no longer need to explain the fascination of Minecraft. Not only does it have a motivating progression because you can find more valuable materials and thus can always make better weapons, tools and co, it allows you to redesign your random-generated world significantly. Whether in single or multiplayer, Minecraft is simply a fun cabin, which captivates for hundreds of hours. The iconic block look is certainly a matter of taste.

no man’s sky

  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Cloud

No Man’s Sky had anything but a good start in 2016. The expectations of the Open World game with the trillion planet comprehensive universe were huge despite the fact that it was developed only by a small indie team. Well, Hello Games has done with false promises, all of it, that was the case. The release version could not even fulfill the expectations in the approach because many of the announced features simply lacked.

More than five years later, everything is much rosy. Hello Games has given numerous free updates not only many of the promised content, but also implemented features that were previously not even announced. Today you can no longer explore empty planets, but also build your own bases, manage freighters, fulfill missions, even mayor of a city and tame animals. And one end of the update replenishment does not seem to be in sight. Granted, the survival vapor may not be so enormous in normal game mode, so no man’s sky is far from the place in this list. And it is always important to play value.

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition

  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Cloud

Zombies are a recurrent element in survival games. As mentioned above: the title with which Hype has begun to the genre, Dayz has been. This is not found in this list, because only the console version is included in the Game Pass, which does not cut out very well. Much better is because State of Decay 2, which goes in a different direction. There is no persistent online world and no PVP. In the multiplayer it is still playable. At least you can get friends to you in the world to help you take your arms.

In State of Decay 2, you do not play a character, but distracts the skills of a whole group survivor in the zombieapocalypse. You always control one of them directly and over the menu will change between the figures. You are looking for a shelter and then pulls out into the world to find resources and equipment. This gives you the opportunity to better defend you against the undead, and expand your basis. At the same time, it is important to leave the morale of your troupe not sash into the basement.

Subnautica series

  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Cloud

The two subnautica games are the best of what the survival genre has to offer. It is all the more pleasing that they are included in the Game Pass. In both titles you are mainly under water. On the strange planet 4546b there is as good as no land masses. All the stupid is that you crashed in the first subnautica here with your spaceship and the only survivor are. At the beginning, only a small rescue capsule serves as a shelter, later you have a real basis built.

Until the cozy lower sea is a long way full of dangers. Due to the virtual ocean not only small fish swim, which serve as food sources, but also larger robbers. The farther her in the game progresses, the better equipment you make you dive deeper and deeper. And the further your gene seabed comes, the darker becomes the game, so it muts at some point even a kind of horror game – and that, where the rest of the game is quite colorful. It experiences an exciting story without quests and elaborate script sequences. This also applies to the successor Below Zero, who plays in the Arctic region of 4546B and offers all in all more of the same, but also from the same grandiose.


  • Platforms: Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Cloud

In the past, it was often meant: Terraria is Minecraft in 2D. At first glance, that also likes voices, but just on the first. The game from Re-Logic does not only reveal that your resources collects, crafts and builds. Fights play a much bigger role here than in mineraffe. There are real dungeons and boss fights with special mechanics. Here is less about creativity and much more about achieving the end of the game by defeating all bosses and become a strong hero.

Although Terraria’s technology is very simple, exploring the procedural generated worlds makes enormous fun because there is a lot to discover. You never know what to meet you if you dig through the soil. If you like the basic principle, but you would like to have a little more variance, we can still recommend that very similar starbound, which has a sci-fi setting. However, this is only in English and only on the PC, while Terraria is at least not only on the consoles, but also by cloud for game-pass ultimate subscribers. It is also the much more rounder game.

The Long Dark

  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Cloud

All games mentioned here either have any fantasy element or science fiction scenario. But maybe you want to fight survival in a grounded, realistic world? Then the Long Dark is just right for you. There are neither zombies nor aliens or monsters and they are not shrunk. Instead, you are traveling alone in the wild. Everywhere there is snow, it is cursed cold and you somehow make sure you are not free. On top of that wolves and bears make life difficult.

The Long Dark offers the Survival mode, in which it just goes to survive as long as possible. Alternatively, there are the story episodes. Of those four pieces have appeared so far. The fifth and last episode will be submitted as a free update. The story is about the bush pilot Will Mackenzie, who was traveling with the scientist Doctor Astrid Greenwood. Above the north Canadian wilderness, the two fall off due to a mysterious flash of light and are then separated. On the one hand, you have to secure your survival on the one hand and, on the other hand, find Greenwood as well as the secret of a silent apocalypse lifts.

Dying Light 2 is just one of the master-waiting video games on Heavy steam – what makes it so unique?

You play a contaminated, however has actually not transformed yet. This offers you superhuman powers that you use now to aid the survivors. Like the initial part, Dying Light 2 also relies upon programs, battle as well as over all a great deal of tale.

This is since he landed initial component below on the index, so was not just as quickly as feasible. Component 2 additionally shows up just reduced in Germany. The video game was able to construct a large fan base. It comes from the special strategy to the category.

The amount of gamers have precisely it on the wish checklist, we can not claim. At least 270,000 people “comply with” the video game alone on Vapor, so want to be maintained up to date on details. The shopping list access ought to be a lot more, especially given that Dying Light 2 likewise appears on various other systems.

Where is the interest? Although such a huge mass of gamers have an interest in the video game, lots of gamers can not quite understand where the passion is – especially in Germany.

What is that for a video game? Dying Light 2 is the 2nd component of the series in which a survival scary tale is informed. An infection has erased practically all mankind and also transformed right into zombies. A classic end-time setting so.

The upcoming Survival Gamedying Light 2 is currently passionate players on Heavy steam as mostly all various other pending video games. Why are a quarter of a million players waiting for it? Meinmmo clarifies what lags the attraction.

The amount of individuals are waiting on Dying Light 2? Presently the game is in second location of one of the most typical video games on Vapor (using SteamDB). Throughout 2021, Dying Light 2 remained in location 1, up until it was replaced at the start of 2022 by Elden Ring.

Dying Light 2: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU

You can review my initial impression to the game in the pre-investment test: In Dying Light 2 you have to continuously fulfill hefty choices, but that’s exactly what it locked up

Survival without battle – the distinct system of Dying Light

That makes Dying Light 2 so unique: Normally it has to do with blanish survival in survival games as well as the majority of reps of the style placed on fight as well as weapons. From improvisated blades to swords to contemporary weapons, there is every little thing right here.

In Dying Light you can also combat, however the system serves more than “last resource”. The much safer method is constantly running away. The game has a special, noticable program attribute:

In any instance, Dying Light 2 develops fully on his world. It is not just another feature, yet a device that you can utilize as well as with that said you can connect with. This provides more deepness of the entire game globe as well as at the exact same time emphasizes that humanity has actually reached a point where she needs to fight for bare survival – by all ways.

Partially actually, because with MODs, your betrayal as well as machetes can be additional adjusted. Similar to the program, there are likewise various abilities for the battle. Below once more the environment is essential.

There are only coursours? No, along with the quick auto racing flows, Dying Light 2 additionally establishes a fight system. With self-made melee weapons as well as a solitary weapon, your challengers can warm up.

  • As in Assassin’s Creed, your walls climbs up and also goes across roads in the air.
  • Residences roofing systems are not just abbreviations, however your often used means. Especially during the night when the zombies awaken.
  • With rope sandals and in garbage bags improvisated loss cushions, you ensure halfway secure and also rapid mobility in the breaker program.

For coursours you will even be rewarded in Dying Light 2 and can invest skill indicate obtain much better. Build these also extra choices for you to securely come with the city if you sustain the factions of the video game.

Depending on the choice of the team, you get more cases, which you can use against zombies or other rope slides or drop pads.

Dying Light 2 has a “contextual combat system”. This indicates you can make use of autos or wall surfaces nearby to toss your opponents versus them or to take them off themselves. At the very least theoretically – I was as well dumb to the test.

_ Übrigen, we talked new Meinmommo podcast with editor-in-chief Leya Jankowski, content manager Gerd Schuhmann and I am a survival expert by means of Dying Light other… Shooter _.

Unlike in survival gameswise, exploration in Dying Light is not just a feature, however survival. Just if you recognize the city well, you can take safe and secure retreat courses from zombiehords.

Launch in February 2022, content for 5 years

When and also where does Dying Light 2? On Friday, February 4, 2022, Dying Light 2 shows up for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X | s. The button version will certainly delay somewhat, yet ought to be delivered “within 6 months”.

Exactly how to continue? For the time after the launch, the programmers have actually currently revealed to give brand-new material till 2027. It is most likely to be generally DLCs, with some occasions recognized.

You can play Dying Light 2 alone or in the co-op with as much as 4 players. CrossSplay does not exist at the very least to launch as well as you must take note of the version. The sliced up( German) and the uncut version can not play with each other.

Partly the DLCs show up a few days after launch, other months later. At what periods specifically the new material will be sent, we can not say yet. At least for the start there is already a roadmap:

Dying Light 2 brings enormous web content to launch – the roadmap and DLCs in the review

The upcoming Survival Gamedying Light 2 is currently passionate players on Steam as practically all other pending video games. Just how many individuals are waiting for Dying Light 2? No, in addition to the rapid auto racing flows, Dying Light 2 also sets a fight system. When and where does Dying Light 2? ** On Friday, February 4, 2022, Dying Light 2 shows up for the Computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection X | s.

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