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Switch video games in Black Friday Sale Splatoon 3, Bayonetta 3 & more now cheap

For the Black Friday you can now get cheap in the special offer from both Amazon and Otto Platoon 3 for Nintendo Change. While the Black Friday sales of the 2 dealerships are still running until Monday, the deal for Platoon 3 only uses today.


  • Platoon 3 for EUR 34.99 at Amazon
  • Platoon 3 for EUR 34.99 at Otto
  • Bayonet ta 3 for EUR 42.99 at Otto

In addition to these brand-new deals, much of the older switch deals that were begun a couple of days back as part of the Black Friday week. Here is a selection:

  • Pokémon purple for EUR 49.99
  • Pokémon Parmesan for EUR 49.99
  • Mario + Rabbis: Sparks of Expect EUR 47.75
  • Metro id Dread for EUR 29.99
  • New Pokémon Snap for EUR 29.99
  • Super Mario Odyssey for EUR 39.99
  • Mario Party Superstars for EUR 39.99
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons for EUR 42.99
  • Luigi’s Estate 3 for EUR 42.99
  • Super Mario Party for EUR 42.99
  • Mario Strikers Fight League Football for EUR 39.99
  • Enfilade Chronicles 3 for EUR 42.99

If you do not yet have a Nintendo Switch at all, you can also get the Black Friday console cheaply, in the package with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for EUR 288:

Nintendo Change + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for EUR 288 at MediaMarkt

You can discover out more about Platoon 3 and why it is unquestionably worth its price in our test:

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more on the subject

Platoon 3 in the test: skillfully established video game enjoyable blob

Other cheap Black Friday offers

There are likewise many video games more affordable for the other consoles for the Black Friday, but naturally you can get lots of other items such as televisions, tablets, cell phones and more available. In our Gamer overview of the Black Friday, we have actually currently put together much of the highlights. If you wish to rummage through the deals of the big dealerships yourself, you can do so here:

Some links built into this page are affiliate links. Depending on the supplier, Gamer receives a little commission without an impact on the cost when buying on these links. More details.

  • Black Friday Sale at Amazon
  • Black Friday Sale at MediaMarkt
  • Black Friday Sale at Saturn
  • Black Friday Sale at Otto

There are likewise lots of games more affordable for the other consoles for the Black Friday, however of course you can get numerous other products such as televisions, tablets, cell phones and more on offer.

For the Black Friday you can now get cheap in the unique offer from both Amazon and Otto Platoon 3 for Nintendo Change. Far, the action struck Bayonet ta 3, which was just released practically a month back, has also been cheaper, for EUR 42.99. While the Black Friday sales of the 2 dealerships are still running till Monday, the offer for Platoon 3 only applies today. Bayonet ta 3, on the other hand, might be readily available for a long time.

Black Desert appears at the Jarasum Jazz Festival

Pearl Abyss will participate in the 19th Harass Jazz Festival as ‘Jazz In Black Desert: I’m mid-Jun X BYU Heisman’.

‘Jazz In Black Desert’ is a project that arranges the black desert OST with jazz and plans performances to provide the musical pleasure of the game. BYU Hui Pearl Bis Audio and I’m mid-Jun, Jazz Pianist, collaborated. Live performances were presented at the Black Desert Mobile ‘Handel Banquet’, a global gamer event in July.

Melody ca BYU Heisman and LIM mid-Jun, Jazz Pianist, bassist Kim Daewoo, drummer Lee Dozen, Trumpeter CHO Jong-un, Saxophonist Lee Dogwood (Alto) and Lee Yong-seok (Tenor) will participate in the festival. The performance will be held on October 2 (Sun) at 1:30 pm at the Festival Lounge where anyone can watch for free.

The Harass Jazz Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Korea. The 19th Festival will be held in Galleon Java Island, Gyeonggi-do from October 1 to 3.

The OST of the global box office, Black Desert, is considered another fun to play games to global gamers. The music techniques of various music genres, from classical music to ethnic, rock, and electronic music, are applied to provide points that can be enjoyed differently.

In 2018, he collaborated with various orchestras such as the Wiemar National Orchestra in Germany, the Halle National Orchestra, the Czech Film Orchestra, and the Hungarian Scoring Orchestra in 2018, and won the technology creation award in the sound category at the Korean Game Awards. Pearl Abyss will provide high quality audio experiences by establishing state-of-the-art audio rooms such as voice actor rooms, composer rooms, and poly sound studios.

Big Game Studio Black Clover Mobile 2nd FGT ends

-2nd FGT proceeded through partnership with Gyeongil Game Academy with a scale of around 150 people

Big Game Studio announced today (13th) that it has completed the 2nd FGT of (hereinafter referred to as Black Clover Mobile) under development.

This 2nd FGT was privately recruited for game academy students with high passion and understanding of games in Korea, and was conducted with about 150 people in cooperation with Gyeongil Game Academy. Students studying Unity programming and game planning participated in the 2nd FGT of Black Clover Mobile for about 4 hours, and after the game test play was completed, a total of three surveys were conducted.

As a result of the 2nd FGT of , more than 80% of the testers gave favorable reviews about the fun of the game and showed high satisfaction. Compared with the first FGT conducted in February, it was confirmed that the user satisfaction score for the play was significantly improved.

In the subjective response, many opinions were that it was a mobile game that would be attractive enough to catch the attention of users and happy for anime fans, and more than 68% of the total respondents said, If is officially released, you should definitely play it. I will, he replied.

Big Game Studio announced that it plans to further improve user convenience, combat tempo and difficulty, etc. in the future improvement direction by actively reflecting the opinions of the 2nd FGT testers.


‘Black Clover’ is a work serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump published by Japanese publishing house Shueisha, and it is a work that is well received not only in Japan but also in the global market, with a cumulative circulation of 17 million.

After being aired on TV, the animation is currently being aired on several OTT platforms in Korea, and Black Clover fan base visits the official community after hearing the news about the game’s development to receive various development news.

Currently, Official Cafe and Official YouTube Channel provide game information.

Following “Dream 100” of 12 million downloads all over the world, Dream World Series Latest Work, Dream Spinning Fantasy Vocational RPG “Dream Human and Forget Black Fairy” will be started!

Siegrest Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Owami) is the latest work of the dream world series latest work, dream spinning fantasy occupation RPG “Yumeko person and forgetful black fairy” (“Yumekuro” Informed that it started delivery from February 18 (Fri), 2022).

Siegrest Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Owami) is the latest work of the dream world series latest work, dream spinning fantasy occupation RPG “Yumeko person and forgetful black fairy” (“Yumekuro” We will inform you that the delivery started from February 18 (Fri) 2022).

“Yumekuro” is a smartphone game app that says “Dreams Fantasy Vocational RPG“.

This work is a new story that is the same “Dream World” as “Dream World” released in March 2015, “Dream Kingdom and 100 Prince Sleeping”, and from “Dream 100” different from time and angle I’m drawing the world of

In addition, this work will be a work of joint delivery with Bilibili that developing China’s largest online entertainment service.

“Dream 100” is more than 1,2 million downloads worldwide, and we will deliver this work to more people in joint delivery with Bilibili as a global expansion.

The number of pre-registrants has topped 250,000 people.

# Delivery Commemorative Campaign Overview

At the campaign implemented in advance, 3,000 Yuka Start (20 units), Meister 10 Rena Tickets, and one black fairy 10 consecutive gautical tickets have been decided.

# # (1) Yumeko and forgetful black fairy delivery start commemorative campaign

In commemoration of the delivery start of “Yumekuro”, we will carry out follow and retweet campaigns.

“Yumekuro” Official Twitter Follow and Campaign The AMAZON gift certificate (for 5,000 yen) will be presented in 100 people from among those who retweeted the tweets.

· Holding period: February 18 (February 18) -February 20 (Sun) 23:59 · Present contents: Amazon gift certificate (for 5,000 yen) 100 people · Application method: (1) “Yumekuro” Follow Official Twitter (@yumekuro_info) (2) Campaign Retweeted tweets

※ Amazon, and their logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

# # (2) Release Memorial Login Bonus Campaign Held!

We will carry out a release commemorative login bonus until 5:00 on March 13, 2012.

In this campaign, it is possible to acquire 200 peaks on the fifth day of login, on the 10th day.

· Holding period: February 18, 2012 (Fri) -March 13 (Sun) 5:00

# # (3) Release Memorial Gacha & Memorial Pack appeared!

With a fee limited, ★ 4 Meister will be able to get one person, and we will sell the release commemorative pack where 1500 paid tumors and items in the game are set.

· Holding period: February 18, 202 (Fri) -March 13 (Sun) 15:00

# About the Dream World Series

The fantasy of the “dream world” is a generic term for smartphone game apps produced by the ZIKRest.

Under the concept of “Female”, I will love the many characters that live in the dream world, and fostering the bond, and the one of the one of the guests heats the chest, the dream-like experience I am aiming for.

The 1st series of series released in March 2015, “a dream kingdom and a thousands of sleeping” is 12 million downloads over the world, “I released” in February 2022.

# “Yumeko and forgetful black fairy” service outline

· Title: “Yumekaku and forgetful black fairy” · Genre: Dream spinning fantasy occupation RPG · Usage fee: Basic play free, item charge system, delivery: App Store, Google Play (Native app) · Joint delivery: Bilibili Siegrest Co., Ltd.

App Store Google Play Official Site https: // www. Official Twitter (@yumekuro_info) Official YouTube Channel

# # Cast list (in order of sonal order, honoring abbreviation)

Shota Aoi, Akihei, Tenzo, Takahiro Ishii, Aki Ishii, Ishitani, Ishii Harima, Iwasaki Yoho, Uema Yoho, Shuhiko Uemahara, Hinhiko Okamoto, Hirohiko Okamoto, Hirotaro Okamoto, Hirotaro Okamoto Ono Tomoki, Kashihara, Kazuki Kato, Makoto Kano, Kano Sho, Kano Sho, Kawano Kawano, Kogawara, Kobayashi Yu, Kobayashi Yuzu, Kobayashi, Saito Saito, Sako Sakai, Sato, Sato Takuya, Shimono, Yutaka Shinkagaki, Suwamu Kenichi, Takaaki Takasaki, Takahashi Takahashi, Takeuchi Hideaki, Tamoto Motohisa, Chiba Yoshiya, Kojiro Tamoto, Kojiro Tsuda, Wataru Tsuda Terashima, Takajima, Toyunaga Yoshida, Masayoshi Nakazawa, Nakata Hajima, Yuka Nagano, Hirotaro Nishiyama, Shoho Nogami, Hanji Yue, Hanayoshi, Sakae Hayashi, Shunsuke Hasaku, Shunsuke Hakugawa, Fukamachi, Mie Fukuyama, Mie Furugawa, Kei Furukawa, Kogawaki Horie, Masaaki Masakusa, Masuda, Matsuda, Takumi Miyama, Miyasae, Taku Miyasa, Hayashi, Taku, Haya Yoshitani Yamamoto, Yamamoto, Yamamoto, Yamamoto, Yoshiyoshi Yoshiyoshi, Yoshino Yoshida, Yoshino Yoshino, Yoshino

Company Profile

Company Name Co., Ltd. HTTPS:// City of Shibuya-ku, Uda-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo No.1 ABEMA TOWERS Established November 4 IP and Games Planning, Development and Operation

Samsung Electronics, Galaxy S22 series dictionary sales … Adding self-sufficiency

Samsung Electronics conducts Galaxy S22 series dictionary sales for 8 days from 14th to 21 days. Domestic official launch is 25 days.

The Galaxy S22 series is released as a Galaxy S22 (6.1 type) ▲ Galaxy S22 + (6.6 type) ▲ Galaxy S22 Ultra (6.8 types).

Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 + ‘are released in four colors of phantom black, phantom white, green and pink gold, price is ▲ Galaxy S22 (8GB RAM, 256GB internal memory) 99,900 ▲ ▲ Galaxy S22 + (8GB RAM), 256GB internal memory) is 1199,000 won.

Galaxy S22 Ultra is released in four colors of Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, Burgundy, ▲ 12GB RAM, 256GB internal memory model is 1452,000 won ▲ 12GB RAM, 512GB built-in memory model is 1551,000 won.

Samsung Electronics is limited to limited number of self-paying color models through the homepage.

Galaxy S22 + can be purchased in graphite, sky blue, cream, violet colors, Galaxy S22 Ultra is provided in Graphite, Sky Blue, Red Color. Galaxy S22 Ultra is also released as a 1TB model, and the price is 1749,000 won.

Galaxy S22 series dictionary sales are held in open markets such as digital Plaza, Samsung Electronics website, mobile carrier offline stores, Samsung Electronics website, mobile carrier online mall, Kupang, Gmarket. On the 13th night of 12:00 am (on the 14th), Samsung Electronics website and 11th are also available through live commerce broadcasts on G Market.

Pre-purchased customers can receive and open products from 22 days before official release.

Samsung Electronics offers a variety of benefits for customers who have completed the opening up to 25 days after purchase. All pre-purchased customers provide a one-year warranty for a deductible deductive compensation, repair cost immediately, a total care service that can be made to visit, and repair.

It also provides coupon available at the event mall. ‘Galaxy S22 Ultra’ pre-purchase customers provide 100,000 won coupons for customers ‘Galaxy S22, S22 +’ pre-purchasing customers.

In addition to this, Samsung Electronics is a Galaxy S22 series only NFT for Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Watch 4 30% discount coupon ▲ WonDrive) OneDrive 100GB 6 months free trial ▲ Premium video streaming membership ‘YouTube Premium’ 4 months free Experience ▲ Naver Webtoon · Series Cookie 50 ▲ Knowledge Content Platform, which can hear audiobooks and professional lectures, is also benefit from 3 months free subscription to “Willa”.

Pre-purchased customers can apply for benefits on Samsung Membership Applications or Events.

Samsung Electronics conducts a Galaxy S22 series purchasing customer from 14th to March 31, from 14th to March 31. Returning the ‘Galaxy S20 Ultra’ released in the last 2020, you can get a compensation of up to 560,000 won, including pre-tax. Returning the existing notes series such as ‘Galaxy Note 10’, ‘Galaxy Note 9’ provides additional compensation of up to 150,000 won.

Samsung Electronics operates Galaxy S22 series, which can be safely experienced with a variety of programs in over 20 properties of Samsung Digital Plaza and Seoul Yeongdeungpo Times Square.

In addition, the “Galaxy to Go” service, the Galaxy Bay’s autonomous experience service, will also proceed to February 24 for consumers who are drawing through the statement. The ‘Galaxy to Go’ service can be applied on the Samsung homepage.

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